Decent DEC Rewards In Silver Today

Yesterday's rewards weren't great but today there was more than 200 DEC and a couple of potions along with a common Vampire Bat in the rewards chests. I also promoted back to Gold so there will be some Gold chests to look forward to tomorrow. Hopefully I get some time to do some battling.

The Flying Focus for me today and that is alright as there are quite a few good flying cards to call on. Kralus, Phantom of the Abyss and the Sea Genie are my favorites.

Has anyone compared the rewards between Wild and Modern? Which one gives you better rewards? I am thinking for someone who is just starting, competing in Modern would be beneficial as the older tanks and summoners get taken out of the equation and everyone is on a more level footing. But that's just my guess. I don't have great CL cards so I'll stick with Wild for now.