You Don't Need To Use Focus Cards

I just realized something about the new Focus. You don't actually have to use the focus cards. You just get a bonus for using them. That makes things a lot easier, actually.

I mean, sure, you lose out on a bonus when you don't incorporate them in your lineup but that's the same with Gold Foil Cards and Alpha / Beta cards. The downside is that you can't tell what splinters are available simply by checking on the focus.

Today, I only got two reward chests in the Gold League. But then I got knocked back to Silver and forgot to fight my way back. There will be 8 Silver chests to look forward to today. Hopefully there will be more cards than potions, merits or DEC but all rewards are welcome and we seem to have hit the floor price of .0006 for DEC and that seems to be pretty much where we were before the hype last year.