SPS Price May Touch to Double Dip


SPS price going down after reaching 1 USD. After ending Voucher airdrop, it is time to buy Chaos Packs with SPS with discounts...

This is daily chart of SPS and SPS price may touch to double dip.

We did see double dip before Voucher airdrop and after completing double dip pattern SPS price went up 1 USD from 0.21 USD...

Ekran Resmi 20211117 20.46.38.png

There is also a handle cup pattern on SPS price chart. We will follow to happen flag pattern and breaking of down trend resistance line...

If this pattern happens,

  • 1st Price target of SPS is to reach 1.20 USD.
  • 2nd Price target of SPS is to reach 1.75 USD.

Ekran Resmi 20211117 20.58.39.png

Is it possible to turn of trend?
If down trend resistance line will be broken, it is possible. Pack sales is on the way and we will be bought by SPS mostly. It will effect the price of SPS...

There are lots of signals of indicators...
MACD is at good level of turning of the trend. RSI is on setup also. Fisher indicator showing us we are close to dip...

SPS is on my gem list. It is time to pick SPS for me...

I hope I will see SPS on Binance one day. Splinterlands is the king of Blockchain games. CZ must see SPS!

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