Voucher is One of Gem in Splinterlands


Voucher is one of undervalued asset in Hive Blockchain. It is being traded about 0.43 USD.. It may he huge potential. There are a few reasons why you should hold your Voucher and how you can get passive income by holding...

First of all, normal Voucher value should be higher than today.

The pricing for the licenses is shown in the table below. Voucher discount rate is 3 USD now. When Validator Licence sales increases, Voucher price will go to real value... So, It may be down 5x from normal value now...

Ekran Resmi 20220804 22.12.18.png

Vouchers drop rate is 20K per day. SPS stakers and Validator Licence holders are taking this drop.

Ekran Resmi 20220804 22.15.54.png

Holding Vouchers is more profitable than past. You can hold discounted Vouchers now to make passive income. You can make profit by buying discounted Vouchers to flow them pools to make passive income...

SWAP.HIVE : VOUCHER pools gives you 105.46% APR. It is active now and It will decrease selling pressure for Voucher.

Pools will be great way to make passive income in Splinterlands and SWAP.HIVE : VOUCHER pools is one of my favourated! Because I am getting free Voucher by staking SPS, I am getting free Hive by posting and curation!

Ekran Resmi 20220804 22.19.33.png

I believe Hive and Splinterlands has huge potential. When Hive price moves up Splinterlands assest are going up.

I am waiting double going up for this assets. We will see..

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