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I have wanted to write this post for a while now, I believe that in the past there have already been initiatives on how Cryptocurrencies have changed the lives of many financially, but I did not have the opportunity to participate and share what has been my experience with these coins and how they have been of great value in my life. Like everyone else I had to start from scratch and the perseverance I have had has brought me great results.

It is for this reason that I will write these lines, it may serve to inspire many and never give up, after all, we must fight for our financial freedom. The goal is to help my readers and the community in general to truly take the risk of learning something new, to change their mentality and get out of their comfort zone so they can grow both personally and financially.

How did I start with Cryptocurrencies?

Basically my first real approach to cryptocurrencies was based on what they call Airdrops. I think many are already familiar with this term, but for those who do not know it, I will explain what it is all about.

Airdrop: It is a distribution of totally free coins that projects commonly perform at its birth, in order to make themselves known and for the community they are looking for interact with the economy of their platform in question. These Airdrops a couple of years ago or maybe more, were very popular, it was a very easy way to get coins for doing small tasks without any complication and that only required time to perform them.

Of course being such a large market, I mean a large number of projects, not all were reliable, some did not even give the coins, others if they gave them but their project never went to market or was listed in any major exchange, so in this sense it was vital to study in depth the projects to know in which to register and in which not, in this I am a specialist, to investigate in depth and in every detail the projects that I believed would be successful and this led me to earn significant sums of money in the short, medium and long term.

Airdrops had another peculiarity that also made me win.

Each project that offered a distribution of coins, commonly came with referral bonuses, which worked very easily. The more people you invited to the project under a link provided by the platform, the more coins or tokens you could earn. This is another key that allowed me to earn money in my first approaches to cryptos, since, I am very good at relating and promoting good projects obviously after I researched the project and of course I had obtained the coins for the tasks that had to be done.

Another way to earn, was also much simpler, of course, I still did not know about trading but I knew what were the cryptocurrency exchanges and many of the projects that were being born at that time offered an Airdrop for holding these coins in the exchanges, so the only thing you had to do was to buy that coin or token, from this project in question, they took a snapshot in a given period of time and on a date placed by them, they distributed a percentage or sometimes a 1 to 1 with the coins you had bought of the new coin, which also allowed me to earn good money.

How did this start affected my financial life?

Clearly as I mentioned before, cryptocurrencies thanks to these Airdrops impacted my financial life in a very positive way. At the beginning I did not believe in them, the truth was that it seemed to me a very complicated subject, I work in another way and for me it was much simpler, but this old job was gradually ending and I had to investigate thoroughly about cryptos and of course I also had good help to learn. After getting more involved with cryptos, receiving my first payments from these Airdrops I realized that I could get financial freedom with it and I just needed to have more constancy and learning about them.

In that sense, this is what I did and little by little the earnings were growing, I was able to help many family members, my friends and most importantly change my life for the better, with a job that is yours and that no one will take it away from you, it is something yours and you have ownership over it, which makes decentralization a really beautiful and unique opportunity that serves to empower people without any government or financial entity controlling you.

Then I met HIVE

Of course after a few years I met HIVE, Splinterlands and Leofinance, an exceptional way to earn cryptos for your own talent and under your own terms and work, and at this time I already knew more in depth the cryptographic and financial environment, I learned a little bit of trading, economics and finance, the blockchain and little by little was entering more fully into this world. For this reason I am very grateful for this great opportunity that HIVE and all its Dapps, such as Splinterlands and Leofinance, have given me a lot and most importantly I have been able to grow in every way, not only economically, but personally as well, which is great, a dream job that made me come out of my shell and my comfort zone.

Final remarks

I must deliver a message to all readers and to the entire community that is just getting into cryptocurrencies. It is not an easy world because technology and blockchain are advancing by leaps and bounds. But if we dare to learn and dive into cryptocurrencies we can get financial freedom, get out of your comfort zone and be consistent in Hive, Leofinance and any Dapp you want, your life will surely change.

Until next time and happy investing.


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