1UP Comunity: Have fun and earn with the world of games and NFT


Tokenization is a wonderful creation that is now increasingly developing in all sectors, especially in video games where games like Splinterlands or Axie Infinity are increasingly gaining a slice of the market. Tokenization is not only a way to get rewards but it is also a stimulus for content creators to share articles, videos or thoughts on the many titles that the sector involving billions of users around the world with stellar turnovers.

Hive is proving to be extremely mature and attentive to the world of videogames and NFT, on the other hand the blockchain has unlocked an incredible potential and #playtoearn is now a tag that collects hundreds of thousands of views on social media, testimony to the exponential growth of the sector.


This is the reason behind the birth of a new 1UP community and a new ONEUP token. The project led by @flauwy, one of the creators of @ monster-curator, aims to build an active and strong community on Hive and above all to build bridges with other realities active on the blockchain in the profitable games sector and exploit the still unexpressed potential of NFT. Imagine for example the possibility of exchanging Splinterlands cards with other NFTs of other blockchains, the market could only appreciate the versatility of the exchanges and reward the exchange.

Billions of dollars are out there waiting for revolutionary ideas in the video game industry and NFTs are an important means of capturing the attention of investors who also want an efficient, secure and versatile infrastructure. Hive is an excellent blockchain on which to build any project, reliable and with an active community eager to grow.

Another opportunity for all of us users to continue sharing our passions, ONEUP has an ambitious project and I am curious to know any future developments from the team. You can learn more about tokenomics by reading the Introduction Post or by accessing the Discord channel to interact with the team and the community.

Everything is so fun and fascinating, Hive is where I want to stay!

Frontend: https://www.1up.zone/
Discord: https://discord.gg/yRYTMKCttw
Hive-Engine: https://hive-engine.com/?p=market&t=ONEUP



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