It's Fall Rush at Blue Pill Society! Come Join Us!


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Are you looking for a new guild? Not in a guild, but looking to join one?

Sure, we have the benefits above and they are great especially considering that SPS Rewards around the corner for brawls, but consider the following:

  1. You choose your fray in brawls.
  2. You're not just a part of the pecking order in a hierarchical guild farm system. Your membership matters and you will contribute in a big way.
  3. We're collegial.
  4. We do giveaways. At the start of every brawl, we give away a Gold Foil card!
  5. We're getting closer to a Level 6 store and helping you get those Blood Stones, most guilds are not even close.

We're positioning ourselves for Tier 3 action in the Fall. Don't be just a number, be a part of it.

Request your membership now.