SPS Governance Proposal - Seasonal Guild Fees in DEC

A proposal is being put forth to a vote hopefully in the future for all staked SPS token holders to decide whether seasonal guild fees are to be made in DEC (Dark Energy Crystals) based on Guild Hall Level.

This proposal seeks to introduce seasonal Guild Fees to be paid effective on the 3rd day of a Ranked Rewards season starting on December 1, 2022. Guild Fees allow guilds to continue to receive ranked rewards bonuses and shop discounts associated with their Quest Lodge, participate in brawls that would enable brawlers to receive SPS tokens for their success and participation.

These Guild Fees will be paid in DEC and are to be burned ensuring that the supply of DEC is decreased considerably.

There are three goals that are achieved with the passing of this proposal:

  1. The DEC supply declines, which will increase the value of DEC and support the stabilization of the soft peg (1000 DEC to $1).

  2. Guild consolidation. Many guilds are not filled and there is an excess number of guilds. This will encourage more users to join guilds that provide them with a better opportunity to earn more SPS rewards and enjoy a greater stakeholder benefit.

  3. The concern over unfair advantages spreading into guild brawls with SPS rewards. This measure will discourage those seeking to exploit guild brawls and membership from participating in abusive practices.

The Guild Fee structure is as follows for each Level of Guild Hall.

Level 1: 3000 DEC per season
Level 2: 4000 DEC per season
Level 3: 6000 DEC per season
Level 4: 10000 DEC per season
Level 5: 18000 DEC per season
Level 6: 34000 DEC per season
Level 7: 66000 DEC per season
Level 8: 130000 DEC per season
Level 9: 250000 DEC per season
Level 10: 500000 DEC per season

We hope this proposal addresses several issues head-on and enhances the value of SPS as it is burned in exchange for DEC. Based on current Guild Hall levels, this would result in 38,572,000 DEC burned per season.


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