The Air was Electric: Battle w/ Strategy, Giveaway and Much More!


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Card First Impressions

With 5 hp, 1 attack, reach, and a speed of 3. On it's own Electric Eel is a nice shield for the second position. Not offering very much damage at level one compared to Wave Runner, at lvl 4 Electric Eel sports the blast ability. A nice compliment, but still not surpassing 2 melee damage.
Overall Electric Eels is fast and with enough hp to survive most battlefields to the second round. In my opinion, for lower tier players and for those of us with low level version of these cards, Wave Runner is usually a more lethal option in the current meta (not to mention easy to acquire). Not a bad card by any means, but not knocking any socks off at lvl 1. Electric Eel offers 1 less mana than waverunner and has 1 less damage, but 1 more hp. Overall very even between the two, but with armor plating being all the rage Wave Runner takes the lead ever so slightly. Without any buffs you may have your electric eel wetly slapping against a living lava until doomsday, amounting to a very inutile second position creature.

Strategy and Placement

In my battle here I put electric here in the traditional second position for reach monsters, and that coupled with demeneted shark leads to a rather sudden shock for the opponent. Being an excellent choice to mix things up with melee Electric Eel leant itself well to second position and was able to tank many blows before falling and deal a lot of preemptive damage. The enemy having built to expect ranged opponents was unprepared for this rather terrifying underwater melee encounter.

air battle 1.png

The kraken absorbed a good deal of damage and reflected it upon the enemy backline, this allowed Electric Eel time to deal considerable damage to the enemy lineup before even being targeted. That coupled with Parasitic Growth and Feasting Seaweed dealing the finishing blows to the enemy sea monster, and obliterating the backline lead to the enemy formation crumbling rather quickly by round 2.

air battle 2.png
Ny remaining creatures easily pick up the pieces and clear out the remaining enemy units in a timely manner before they can even attack. Ending the battle as quickly as it began.

Takeaway and Conclusion

Overall Electric Eel serves well in second position, especially when rallied. I don't think it's the best for every situation, but can sometimes work better than wave runner. Like in the evens only ruleset. Given the choice most of the time I would use Waverunner instead unless it seemed like 4 damage would quickly find it's way to second position. At least at lvl one, from lvl 4 beyond there is a different depth of variety and play. Wave runner being single target specialized with snare, and Electric Eel having blast.

Giveaway and Bot Talk

For another battle with Electric Eel, another giveaway, and a talk about bots click here.

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Molten orge is a very good tank imo