45M Rebellion Packs For Future??? - Splinter Stats Ranked Rewards Season 21




That's an informal greeting, originally a shortened form of the greeting How do ye? It originated in the South England dialect in circa 1563-1587. I just learned that today!

There's lots of stuff to learn. Most of it is actually useless. More you learn - more you realize that! We need to focus on the info that's gonna help us. Else we'd be stuck consuming useless info.

Take news for eg. There's very little that's actually useful in it. That's why I don't have news apps. I've subbed few indie journalists. That's it! Same goes for investing!

I used to look for lots of crypto. I'll check many sites. I'll check social media. I even play around with some TA as a noob. Over time I've switched to peace of mind. I have investments that let me have peace of mind.

That's not coming from low risk. I just plan to HODL. If I don't feel like HODL - I just don't invest. Sometimes I throw in few bucks. But no big part of my portfolio!

Here's another bit of info!

Congratz to all the folks who got those sweet deals on last 1M Chaos Legion packs. Some of CL packs were reserved for rewards. Some were burned.

  • 112,046 packs purchased
  • 19,114 bonus packs given

45M Rebellion Packs???

Maybe lower???

At end of CL Splinterlands burned so many packs. That's cool to keep supplies down. But it also means low demand. I heard Rebellion won't be huuuge in supply compared to CL. So 3X sounds nice! It's something to keep in mind.

What if we underestimate future demand? Pre-sale buyers will get very happy. Rebellion might be last chance to get in before Splinterlands 🚀🌙

Match Report


Gold Rank453
Rating2597 - Gold I
Rating High2636
Ratio (Win/Loss)0.93 (177/191)
Longest Streak7

This one sucked! I'm really gonna try to get to Diamond III next time. Believe me there's a huuuge difference when you enter a new league at end of season. If you've been through slow start at start of season you know what I'm talking about.

Rewards Report

Standard Foil Cards
Total Standard1590
Gold Foil Cards
Total Gold100

Loot Chests

Reward ChestsDailiesSeasonTotal💲Token
Legendary Potions643599🟡 3960
Alchemy Potions9212104🟡 5200
DEC00-🟣 0
SPS36.16739.461-⭐ 75.628
Merits28964960-🎀 7856
CHAOS Packs415🟡 20000
Cards (Total)10168169🟣 0

Captured DEC/SPS (Ranked Rewards)

Ranked Play WinsDEC Earned
177🟣 0 + ⭐124.760

Total Ranked Play Rewards

Total Ranked Play Earnings
🟣 0 DEC
🟡 29160 CREDITS
⭐ 200.388 SPS

Wow! I wasn't expecting 5 Legendary! That's more than Epic. I'll repeat myself. Soul-bound was a very good move. We've got months left of current NFTs. I'll have some nice level ups. Many other mid tier players will feel same. Not sure about whales & bronze/silver players.

🟣 Rental Report

Expenses (inc. fees)(296.891)
Cancellation Refunds0.000

I told myself I'm gonna get these in order. I'm half done. But there's more managing to do. I'm thinking if I should stop with season rents. I might need some NFTs for land uses soon :)

⭐ SPS Report

Type⭐ Amount
Staking Rewards425.483
Ranked Rewards as above200.388
Brawl Rewards222.679
Land Rewards336.517
NET SPS1185.067
+ Voucher Drops34.513 🎟️
  1. Play Splinterlands
  2. Earn SPS
  3. Stake SPS
  4. Colelct GLX Airdrop

It's a cycle that keep feeding itself. I LOVE it!!!

I wanted to get more DEC-B. But chance went away! At 1st there wasn't huge interest in DEC-B. I thought it'll come slow. Few days before 9th everything was gone. That's 2 billion DEC-B. Lots of DEC & Voucher tokens got burned.

It's a win for the ecosystem. Whales will burn even more DEC in land. That'll help to make DEC more stable. I want DEC ti work as a stablecoin. Hope we'll get there soon than later :)

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