Daddyspardan Season and Chest opening rewards

Well it been a funny turn of events this season and now with all of the rises, the rental markets and the SPS release and the rise of DEC prices it has made splinterlands a decent career option as a possibly.
if i can make £300 a week from gaming I'm golden ;)

But for now I will settle for some good rewards and with the season ending here we go :)

Daliy pic 1.png

Daliy pic 2.png

daily pic 4.png

Daily pic 3.png

SO a lot of potions and a lot of cards with a odd rare thrown in as well
and a Lot of Dec worth $12 on it own :)

And the daily quest helps me cement my position in the gold league

Daliy pic 5.png

And some more cards for the daily reward so it seem everything is coming up for the crypto gaming community

Anyway I'm back to fighting for my life and i will leave you with this
I hope your a little richer then you were yesterday