The Longtime saving plan for daddyspardan over 2021-2022 

This year has been a bit of a roller coaster ride for the general crypto Community with Rises and lows
and a lot of uncertainty so i have use this as a chance to try and quietly gather the various tokens
and build a bit of a portfolio for the years to come and hopefully pass some of my passive income
to my 3 boys so that the path is a little less rocky for them

Main projects

At the moment i have started generating a Sizable passive income from the rise and value of play to earn
games and this has given me the chance to have a bit of fun and also start building up my short and long
term saving projects in the aim and idea that these passive income profits might not last forever and i have always
valued being diversity in having multiple sources of income due to the idea that if one fails the rest will
keep going or succeed in it own right.

Currently (1017)
Goal for 2022 (10,000)

Now hive or HP is one i do tend to put a high priority on generally for the delegation i can give (pizza Token)
but it also the governance token and once from which the hive block chain is built upon
So having this in a reliable quality is of importance for long term saving and sustainability
Now the reason for 10000 is that not only does it look good as a number, but given the
current hive interest rate is hovering above 3% which means by holding 10000 you would gain roughly 1 hive power a day
and at that rate it compounds with any additional hive you get to build into a lot more.
From that my other play to earn games will then start producing more and soon and so forth

currently (104)
Goal for 2022 (5,000)

With this token im looking at a healthy investment as i do use and see the posts that go
on the forum as very clear and efficient for the up to date news on crypto and one of my favourite DEFI
now the purpose again like hive is to get more voting powers, and when possible get into the right
delegation opportunity. this might include buying some Leo miners on top of this as well

currently (630)
Goal for 2022 (10,000)

This one i have a fair bit of passion on as it one of the DEFI project im trying to get a lot of capital
invested on. mostly because of the steps they are insuring that anyone
invested is getting the biggest bang for they buck, with auto cub kingdoms
and BNB dividends so i wanna get as big a stake on this project as possible
Now this one will be the more financial hard to achieve then others as cubs is gaining quickly
So we will see if i can achieve this.

currently (15409)
Goal for 2022 (100,000)

This one is one of my favourite projects and one of the few that i have a lot of personal time invested in
Cause this token operates a lot different from others with it have a really world application
Via the pizza store for purchase of steam games, The fact you can donate it by holding some tokens and locking in
and that the community within the discords is one of the best i have seen in a lot time and i cannot promote it more
wholeheartedly to the fact that anyone who comments will get some free pizza to try out :)

Cake Token (cub kingdoms)
Currently (0.3)
Goal 500

i find this to be another token im aiming to have more off in the future and will be a secondary goal once i have enough of the above tokens gathering passive income.

SPS token (splinterlands)
currently (520)
Goal For the end of airdrops in 2022 (20,000)

This is the token I'm excited about and why i have been playing like a demon in splinterlands, BTW if they is anyone who can rent me some champion decks I can do a 50/50 deal for the battles
And in the meantime I'm waiting for SPS ranked battles to start

IN finishing

these goals are ambition but i feel some of these are very achievable and with the passive income I'm generating i have to take advantage of this in the long run and will be giving weekly updates regarding all of these tokens in the long run

For the rest of you I hope you are all a little richer then you were yesterday.

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