Damour's weekly breakdown of the Battle mage secrets


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Damour's weekly breakdown of the Battle mage secrets


RULESET: Equalizer



All units start with the same health, based on the highest health on either team.

Buffs and debuffs are done afterward - this impacts base health.

  • Don't use high HP monsters and focus on high damage.
  • Try to use a lot of monsters as well.
  • Having a Tank Heal, Thorns, Triage for defense helps a lot.

Ruleset Nerfs

Rulesets that don't supportReasons
Unprotected.pngUnprotectedTakes away all armor allowing you or your opponent to get to the juicy bits that much quicker.
back to basics.pngBack to basicsTaking away those great abilities that your glass cannons have is a severe disadvantage.
Lost Magic.pngLost MagicMagic allows you to get to the health of targets immediately taking that option away makes it a much harder battle.
Noixious Fumes.pngNoxious FumesEating away at those THICC monsters a little every turn.
Earthquake.pngEarthquakeEating away at those THICC monsters a little every turn.

Ruleset Buffs

Rulesets that supportReasons
image.png Equal OpportunityAs everyone has the same health they will focus on the first unit which is great way to use your sustain and get their team down one monster at a time starting with that beefy tank.
Explosive Weaponry.pngExplosive weaponryThis allows you to spread that damage as far and wide as possible allowing you to weaken multiple opponents at the same time.
Armored up.pngArmored upExtra protection helps.


Monsters breakdown

image.pngVoid Armor
If your opponent is going with magic attack here this will help you prevent that damage from getting to your health.

life-leech.pngLife Leech
This will allow you to increase your health creating other meat shields to keep your backline doing damage.

This also allows you to stack more health not as effective as life leech but still valuable tool to get some extra meat shields.



Headwinds + Silence + Demoralize
Any of these will help in reducing your opponents damage output.

If you know your opponent is going with a magic play this is a way to take away 1 more damage from their output.

Devider Red flashing lights.gif

Summoners breakdown

Summoners buffsReasons
Grandmaster RatheGiving everyone void armor can be particularly difficult to get through regardless of the damage type.
ImmortalisVoid is key here as well as giving everyone shatter can be painful for opponents who have gone with armor plays.
Lux VegaSpeed is a great way to give you just that little bit of extra damage and armor allows you to survive a little bit longer.
KelyaSpeed is a great way to give you just that little bit of extra damage and armor allows you to survive a little bit longer.
Thadius BroodTaking away magic damage which in my opinion is the preferred choice of damage here and the added bonus of taking away 1 health as well.
Summoners nerfsReasons
NoneCan't really think of summoner with a disadvantage.

If you can think of any please let me know.

Devider Red flashing lights.gif

Without further delay lets dig into a battle to see some of our recommendations in action.


Our opponent has gone with a full magic team and Kelya summoner. I took Obsidion with Pelacor Mercenary up front as tank with built in sustain upfront. Our back line is made up of only magic with a lot of built in sustain. Silence from my Goblin Psychic to reduce magic damage of my opponent. Scavenger from the Dr blight monster to serve as a last resort meat shield towards the end of the battle. Triage x 2 and tank heal to further sustain through the noxious fumes.



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Damour the merrier
See you all out in the Splinterverse.

Images provided by Splinterlands in game and via Weekly Battle Mage Challenge post.

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Agility is the way forward when facing equalizer rulesets.


Is that a new ability coming ? or do you mean agility with things like dodge and flying ?