RE: CARNAGE TITAN the best CL airdrop or market manipulation?! (Salty post?)

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I had gotten extremely lucky with the airdrop. I was guaranteed 2 cards but got 6. I really haven’t sold many cards at all. It’s one of my investing weaknesses! :) but, the value of DEC dropping so much meant that I’d get more DEC per dollar in the transaction. And since it had risen to roughly what Queen Mycelia was (top end of the CL legendary card prices) I felt like I could grab some DEC while there is still airdrop time. The difficulty in my decision is that the value of the card will eventually increase, after packs sell out. And DEC price may fall further- but again, I was fortunate to have multiple cards, so if the card prices go up, I’m still happy! :)

I hope this helps explain my thinking. It’s certainly not the only way or the best way, but it’s how I approached my decision.