Sauron, The Abhorred

Hello OCA!

It's been a long while. I hope everyone is doing alright in this down market. I'm still working on my Silmarillion portfolio, as you can see.

But Sauron was not of mortal flesh, and though he was robbed now of that shape in which had wrought so great an evil, so that he could never again appear fair to the eyes of Men...

This idea for this depiction of Sauron was inspired by when I was listening to a Umberto Eco lecture about "The Name of The Rose Rose" and Slavoj Zizek. If you're not aware of what I'm talking about, I'm speaking about interpretation of stories and signs and how all text are, actually, open-ended in some way or another.

This in mind, when thinking about how to paint my next Silmarillion piece in an interesting way that I hadn't seen before that would stay in the bounds of the Ur text, that is, the original text.

Screenshot 2022-06-04 21-38-38.png

So I created a vision of Sauron that I hadn't see by imagining what one might had seen if the were a servent and confidant to the Dark Lord of the second age. So I paint him in his immediate form after The Akallabeth when, maybe, he might have tried to reform as Annata. But having spent his power to evil deeds and pouring a great amount of that power that was native to him into the One Ring.

I included gold too because I, it seems that Tolkien may have implied throughout his work that in the evil wrought by Morgoth in the ages before gold may have inherited some corrupting properties; from Dragon sickness to the One Ring.

Screenshot 2022-06-05 02-54-44.png

I really enjoyed painting this and was surprisingly almost a breeze from sketch to paint render. And I hope you like what I've do here because I'm really proud of this piece.

Thank you for taking that little time to let me share with you.

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