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Hello my splinterlands lovers,

Here I share a video about my battle for the weekly challenge shared by Splinterlands the selected card is PIRATE CAPTAIN, this card belongs to the water element of the Alpha/beta edition this card is great because it has the ability of SNIPE and consumes only 3 mana ideal for when they give little mana in battles. For its part, @splinterlands gives the opportunity to people who do not own this monster to take another one and recreate a shared battle and explain the whole process of the battle.

Why did I create my lineup this way?


I created my lineup this way thinking about the rules of the moment that tell us that the poison will be active and also the cards with low speed will attack first.

In the first position TORHILO THE FROZEN, this card has enough life and shield, it is also an ideal melee card to use in this type of battle because it has little speed.

In the second position CAPTAIN'S GHOST, this monster has type of magic attack I have it at level 4 and at this level has 3 attack plus one that gives the water summoner are 4 and can move to first place if my enemy comes to eliminate the first line, this card also has little speed at this level just 2 speed has making it ideal for this type of battle.

In the third position PIRATE CAPTAIN, this card is the one selected this week by Splinterlands and I put it in this position to protect it from being attacked by my enemy and also because the rules of the moment tell us that the card will be poisoned, giving it a chance to attack twice before being eliminated by the poison.

In the fourth position SAND WORM, this monster has Sneak ability and is of melee attack and is ideal because it has 2 speed and 6 life at level 4 that I have it.

In the fifth position WATER ELEMENTAL, this card I took it because it has the ability to regenerate and I did not care that it was fast attacking last but I have it at level 3, it has 3 ranged attack.

In the sixth position THE KRAKEN, I put this monster in this position as a decoy because it has the Taunt ability and this attracts the opponent's attacks and so my other cards will do their job to get the victory.

Do you like the PIRATE CAPTAIN?

Of course I like this card and I like to use it a lot because it consumes 3 mana and has 2 attack which is ideal if you want to attack the opponent in the back that has a magic or distance card because of its SNIPE ability.

Thanks for your support, see you in the next post Kisses!

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Excellent your video and your way of using your cards, much success in your post.