My Weekly Battle Challenge ~ Wood Nypmh

wood nymph thumnail.jpg

Wood Nymph is one of my favorite main card in Earth Element. She was the only healer before Chaos Legion brought in Goblin Psychic. Now Let's see how's my battle was:

ruleset nymph.jpg

  1. EQUALIZER RULESETS ~ The initial Health of all Monsters is equal to that of the Monster on either team with the highest base Health.
  2. REVERSE SPEED RULESETS ~ Monsters with the lowest Speed attack first and have the highest chance of evading attacks.
  3. 42 Mana
  4. No Dragons

From these 4 rules I set up my formation with following guidance:

  • 42 mana = must have full 6 cards monster
  • Equlizer + Reverse Speed rulesets = low level monsters should not be a problem
  • my plan was to use Earth Element which has many low speed mages.
  • Planned to use double healers combined with a high health tank (9+, so each heal gives 3 health)
  • Must bring backup plan, either sneak or snipe in case opponent bring anti mage tank and a silence ability.

Summoner :

Main Tank :

Double Healers:

Damage Dealers:

Backup Plan, Sneak Attacker:


The complete battle sequence can be seen here :

battle - wood nymph - 1.jpg

Opponent came using sneak and snipe combination. Round one progressed as I planned before, I have 11 combined magic attacks and their tank Spineback Turtle died very fast. Their River Hellondale revived the turtle. They managed to hurt my mustang and sand worm badly.

battle - wood nymph - 2.jpg

In second round my magic squads ended their turtle and hellondale. My double healers managed to keep Unicorn Mustang alive in action, however their sand worm killed my sand worm 😩

battle - wood nymph - 3.jpg

Opponent Deep Lurker got pinched. That fish couldn't use its opportunity ability anymore. This round that fish got grilled by magic. My double healers kept Unicorn Mustang alive, even it had to take damage from sandworm and feasting seaweed

battle - wood nymph - 4.jpg

Now it's sandworm turn to be grilled.

battle - wood nymph - 5.jpg

At this point, it's definitely a game over for opponent.

Key Winning Point:

  • Double healers kept main tank survived in taking heavy damage
  • Opponent strategy using opportunity was back fired, due to Equalizer Ruleset (everyone has same health). Instead killing specific target quickly, it made them kept hitting my tank who always was not at full Health


This formation is also one of my favorites.


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