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Hello there, this is my second entry for Wood Nymph battle challenge. For my first one you can see it here. Both are my entries for weekly battle challenges, a regular weekly event from @splinterlands. Now Let's see how's my second battle was:

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This one is very challenging... earth element vs earth element only, with no melee attackers allowed.

  1. KEEP YOUR DISTANCE ~ Monsters with Melee attack may not be used in battles. Either I am going with magic attack, or using range attack, or using combination of magic and range attack. I chose totally magic attack because I don't have many option of good level monsters in my earth element deck.
  2. 48 Mana ~ this was going to be an all out could pick any monsters I have. Same as no mana limitation for me.

So here is my line up

Summonerfree pick, add all magic attack +1
Main TankTaunt ability, taking all opponent damages. I don't have Queen Mycelia in my monster list, so I have to depend on this monster to protect weak low health mages behind
Damage Dealer2 magic attack and 5 health, secondary wall after main tank died
Fast Attack5 speed and 6 health, I was abit uncertain whether to put Peryton or sporcerer as second wall. I picked Peryton on third position incase main tank died, Peryton would be on 2nd and 5 speed + fly ability had better chance to dodge snipping range attack
HealerThis is new Chaos Legion healer, one of my favorite. Can heal and has 2 magic attack
HealerThis is our main actress this week. Wood Nymph will always be everyone favorite earth healer
Damage DealerThe last resort, its silence ability was my trump card. Same as sporcerer, but due to its lower health, I put him last.

I was pretty sure Earth Element did not have any non-melee monster which had sneak attack. This was going to be a straight forwards damage distribution, from front to back, except if opponent would bring in a sniper.

earth divider - flauwy.png


The complete battle sequence can be seen here :

battle - wood nymph - 21.jpg

The battle started as all greenish earth monster came into the line up. My team was an all out magic attackers, and opponent used a mix magic with 2 range attackers. One as a blaster goblin and second was a snipper, the Mantoid. Opponent had a total 11 damage per turn, and mine was 16. This huge damage gap was due to silence ability, that's why Mushroom Seer Rocks!!

battle - wood nymph - 22.jpg

The first round ran as I expected, opponent tank died and their Regal Peryton was in dire situation. My double healers managed to keep Slipspawn alive in action. with their Slipspawn died, their total damage per turn had become 9 vs 16 of my total damage per turn. Almost half of mine, I could not see how they would get any chance of come back.

battle - wood nymph - 23.jpg

The second round was a slaughterhouse as expected, with no tank alive, opponent could only see my team killed their monster one by one. Round 3 started with their goblin bomber got locked on front, could do anything more. Game over

earth divider - flauwy.png

Key Winning Point:

  • In a battle where both party used similar tactic, using a taunting tank, the one whose tank died first would be put in a very disadvantaged situation, almost guaranteed to lose. Double healers kept main tank survived in taking heavy damage, which led to victory later
  • Opponent strategy was not bad, he/she used sniping and blast. The line up was good too, however the difference in our total damage per turn was too big.

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Thanks for sharing! - @lenonmc21

Excellent battle and format, the only thing is that you can justify to improve the format more.