Splinterlands Card Review - Centaur

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Hi, welcome back to my 2nd weekly battle challenge. In this opportunity, we are talking about the Centaur and I feel a bit nostalgic about my early days of playing splinterlands. For Splinterlands players who started playing before Chaos Legion was released, Centaur was available on default card list. Along side with Mantoid, both of these cards were favorit for bronze-silver league players for finishing a snipe daily quest.


Centaur is a common beta edition card, it is no longer available on default card set and we must buy or rent this card first before we can use it. Most new players might not even realize this card existence. Below is the table of it's stats and I am going to list out its strength and weakness


Strength :

  • 4 mana cost, this card doesn't require many mana and we can use it when the battle has Little League Rulesets (Only Monsters & Summoners that cost 4 Mana or less may be used in battles).
  • Good speed and health points. He will hit for sure and won't die easily
  • Snipe ability. you can aim someone hiding behind their tank.
  • Neutral monster, unless you have Taking Side Rulesets (Neutral Monsters may not be used in battles), you can use this card in any deck.

Weakness :

  • low attack, only 1 range attack at first
  • it has subtitutes which are better and stronger, so those make this Centaur look lame. for example twisted jester.

My Opinion :
Overall this card is good because it has no notable weakness however nothing special or great about it. That's why I am not recommending this card to any, better you guys invest more on other cards which have same mana and similar or better stats. My opinion might be changed later when Wild and Modern Format Leagues are released.

~The Weekly Battle Challenge~

ThisBattle has 99 Mana and a Little League Rulesets. what an ackward pair of rulesets. I chose Death Deck and divided my line up them into 3 groups

First the tank and pseudo tank
Xenith Monk was my main tank purely because he had the highest health. Now for the secondary tank, or I like to say them as pseudo tank, is the leechers. This is what I like about death deck, we can have several cards which have life leech ability. These Leechers will keep on leeching increasing their health as time goes on, and they will keep become a good secondary tank when their time has come.

Chaos Legion Edition Leecher
Reward Edition Leecher

Second group, the snipers
This is my main attack group and Centaur will take his part here. I like a focused attack, so when I choose snipe (or sneak) usually I pick minimum 2 card which aim the same target. This will help killing the target faster and overcome the situation when the target has a life leech or healing abilitythat keep him replenish his health.

Magic Sniper
Our Centaur, range sniper

The last group, damage dealer
Why do we need a good damage dealer? when we have a bunch of +1 attack cards, opponent can easily counter this with armors and healing. That's why we need atleast to put 1 card with minimum +2 damage capability. For this one, I have 3 options as below

bypass opponent armor always sounds good however having 3 mages who have each +1 magic attack, will be easily countered by magic reflect or void ability. a bad choice+2 speed and +2 damage was good choice however with 2 healh points, this guy will die in a single attack. I will need to put this guy in the middle which might change whole formationThis one is more like a defensive version of soul stranger. +2 damage and +4 health, won't die from an attack. At that time I think this is the best choice for the last card

As the battle starts, same death vs death, I won because my double sniping cards worked well. However If this isn't a Centaur battle challenge, I would prefer Twisted Jester a lot and as I said before this is my main reason why Centaur is not a card I would recommend.

I would like to get more opinion about this centaur, so feel free to leave comment below.


Agree that Centaur will also be my last choice.
I rather use other monster with higher damage.
Great battle nevertheless.