Weekly Battle Challenge: Dragon Vs Dragon Deathmatch


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Hey everybody, This is my post for the weekly challenge battle.

This week's theme is Dragons and was I ever excited to post about it. Dragons are my favourite splinter in the game. The fact you can use them with any other splinter makes their potential soar through the roof with the combinations you can come up with.

In this post, I will outline my decisions for the battle and why I like the dragon splinter so much.

Why Dragons Dominate

Dragons are one of if not the most powerful splinter in the game from my experience. Yes, they cost a ton of mana to fit in but their versatility and damage output are unrivalled in my opinion. Having so many options you can pair them with is a huge benefit and also being absurd damage dealers makes them shine in high mana battles. Some have a relatively lower speed so try to match them up with a speed debuff like diamond dragon or ooze, or go for a monster that gives quickness for best results. Byzantine Kitty is an option that takes dragons to a whole new level. However, I have not got to use the kitty much as it's expensive to rent and at 7 mana can be costly. I prefer Selenia Sky as I have way more experience with her and can usually find a good deal on the summoner, plus only being 3 mana cost summoner with a +1 buff to range I find her the much better option personally.

The Lineups

Dragon battle.png

This is what the lineups looked like for me and my opponent. As you can see it's a good ole classic dragon vs dragon deathmatch. Now I made a critical mistake in this match and that was not taking into account the reverse speed, I whiffed on that and it was almost a very costly mistake. Thankfully I out-levelled my opponent pretty massively here as the only level 2 monster he had was the gold dragon. Even with my critical error, you will still get to see why dragons are so powerful and how I pulled out this incredible but lucky victory.


As fire is the only splinter available to be picked with dragons in this match, I was forced into a corner but still made it work for the most part.

Tank Serpentine Soldier


This was the option I chose for a tank, I enjoy this card as a tank with 5 speed and picking up the dodge ability at level 4 is a huge bonus in addition to already having the shield ability alongside it this speedy snake can do a lot for you. Just be careful if you run into magic because that's where he definitely falls short and can get wrecked pretty quick.

2nd Spot Clutch Chicken


The trusty chicken, who doesn't love this card you can always fit him in and provides so much value even if it's just one hit he absorbs that can provide the difference in a win or loss. Without him in this battle, I most definitely lose so he provided clutch yet again.

Vicious Vigilator


Alright here comes this monster; The vicious vigilator this card does work at level 1 he has double strike so paired Selenia sky that is upped to 4 dmg per turn this bad boy can dish out. I currently have one rented at level 2 and he then gets the amazing thorns ability. A great unit for back position placement to absorb those sneak attacks and make them pay for trying to be sneaky. I didn't use him in that position for this battle as I had a lot of ranged monsters. Wanted him to take that first position if my serpentine got knocked out and buy some time for my backline to pump out the damage. His thorns ability was also clutch in this battle dishing out some damage to the red dragon before biting the dust.

Fire Spitter


What more can I say about this card, I think out of all the dragon cards this might be my most used and favourite one of them all. I find him in every dragon comp I run and has proved time and time again to be one of the showstoppers. His damage is amazing, his speed is amazing, and his health is amazing. At only 4 mana as well I put this guy everywhere I can, he is a staple for Selenia sky comps and will continue to do a ton of damage.

Lightning Dragon

Lightning D.png

This was my first time using lighting dragon, found a decent rental on him and snagged him up. I tell you this guy is awesome; From the amazing artwork to the wicked stats and abilities he has moved up on my radar for one of my favourite dragon cards. His stun was a deciding factor in this fight and without it, I would have come up just short of my victory.

Naga Assassin


This is the new girl in town and man she is amazing. This ruleset didn't do her any justice whatsoever but was still a very vital piece of the puzzle. I have had some awesome backfire moments with her, but again we didn't get to showcase it in this battle as it was reverse speed.

The Battle Commences

Battle Link

Round 1

Dragon battle.png

Round 1 starts and my opponent quickly dispatches my serpentine soldier. This was when I realized I made the mistake of not paying attention to the ruleset and just going for as much damage as possible. All of his monsters got to attack before I even got a single attack off and had me worried that I was gonna lose this match because of the error. I still felt I had a chance because of the level disparities between our teams.

Round 2

RD 2.png

Starting round 2 and you can see we got a good amount of damage on his living lava, but the dragons behind him still had me very worried. Thankfully as I stated the chicken comes in clutch absorbing that first hit from lava and saving my vigilator some HP.

Round 3


Now is when I was really worried about that red dragon coming to the first spot, and getting ready to dish out 6 damage to my monsters; I didn't know if I had a chance but thankfully the thorns from vigilator and an extremely clutch stun from lightning dragon neutralized him.

Round 4


Going into round 4 and I was super thankful that red dragon was stunned, without the stun I 100% lose this fight as he would crush fire spitter, meaning my last ranged monster lightning dragon would be forced to position 1 and would not be able to attack. His kobold got a sneak and dished out a little damage to my lightning dragon but only being a level 1 he was at a big disadvantage. Had he been levelled up even to level 3 my lightning dragon would be gone by now. Lightning dragon wipes out the red dragon setting up my line for victory.

Round 5


Going into round 5 now and all that's left is his kobold and goblin fireballer. It's pretty much GG here as he can not do enough damage to my fire spitter. Lightning dragon takes out the miner and forces the fireballer into the first spot completely neutralizing him.

Round 6


The final round and he is completely finished here; However, you can see how dangerously close I came to losing. Without the level advantages, I easily lose this fight had I not had all the HP and the extra abilities, like the stun which was absolutely vital for this win. It goes to show that even messing up drastically with the reverse speed ruleset, the raw damage and utility of the dragons shined through and carried me to another victory.

Final Thoughts

Overall this was a very fun dragon vs dragon battle, and I was on the edge of my seat watching it play out. If you have not used dragons much I definitely recommend it as they can do so much for you and have the coolest designs in the game in my personal opinion.

Shout out to @kotenoke for providing the awesome dragon dividers for this post.

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very nice brother, well done here! ill try to post something like this soon lol! more power always


This one is lit. nice image out there @drabs587
more power and luck in the matches. Aim for the top.

thanks for sharing your match. fantastic details.
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