What is the best card for last position in the deck?


Hi! splinterlands community, today I'm going to talk about some card options to use in the last position, some tips and why give so much importance to this position in the deck.first you have to keep in mind the purpose of good card placement in the last deck is to delay as much as possible an attack from the rear of the deck, which often can define a splinterlands game, example of cards that attack the last card of the deck are the cards with sneak skill see some examples below.


see that they are very common cards to have in several decks, even in the starting decks for those who are starting to play the game today, with my gaming experience I have noticed that these cards are placed in the middle of the deck, I believe it is to keep this card until the end of the game, aiming to destroy as many cards as possible that attack from afar or increase the HP of cards with vulture skill as I showed earlier in another article if you haven't seen it I'll leave the link below.
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good card to protect sneak in fire deck

Now I'm going to talk about some cards I use for this type of strategy, it's clear that each game will be conditioned to the amount of mana available and the last deck used by your opponent, as well as the decks available to use in the game. This last condition for players who are at bronze level II.

preferably to cards that have high speed or high HP example of this type of card:

exemplo 1.PNG

and the spider lava used in the fire deck in addition to its sniper ability that allows you to attack the second row of the deck, remembering that the initial fire deck has both summoners that increase the speed or HP of cards on the battlefield, which can further enhance this type of strategy


another possibility cards with flying ability that have a greater possibility to dodge physical attacks, if it is a card with HP and high speed even better as is the case of the REGAL PERYTON card widely used in a magical combination in the earth deck, that attack of away, but it needs a lot of mana to use this card in a game.


a last option is a card that I call a complement, cards that consume very little mana to help delay the arrival of a sneak, opportunistic and healing card for example, are cards that I like to keep as much as possible in a battle, an example of this type of letter is RADIATED SCORCHER


a card from the fire deck, normally used in the first position of the deck, because consuming little mana serves to compose a deck in the last position
which can still increase HP or speed depending on the summoner you choose in the fire deck. moreover, if starting too many rounds
maybe you use it in the first position of the deck, you don't want a card that doesn't attack.

These are just a few examples of some cards that can be used in the last position of the deck, of course this is not a guide to win every game, test combinations and always be aware of new trends in battle formations. Now answer in the comments what your favorite deck was worth and see you next time.


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