Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge - Gem Meteor

Hello friends, it's the weekend, some free time has arrived and today I decided to take part in the Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge and do some battles with an interesting neutral archer, Gem Meteor.

His ability to attack random targets makes him a good fit with the concept of the Chaos Legion and I admit I don't use him that often, so it's interesting to try some strategies where he can bring out his abilities to the fullest.

For this season I've rented him in a Gold Foil to increase my income from battles, and he's performed particularly well in alliance with the Death Elemental.

Since my opponent often played with a dragon element and Daria Dragonscale, I evened the playing field by activating Zintar Mortalis to lower melee attacks and my lineup for a fight with a Close Range rule that allows archers to attack at close range was as follows

  1. Haunted Spirit with a good attack, great health and healing ability;
  2. Spineback Wolf with great speed and attack. I love this classic monster!
  3. Magician Revealer is one of my favourite new cards and his Stun ability has helped me deal with an opponent who outclassed me on more than one occasion.
  4. archer Dark Astronomer, with good parameters at relatively low cost.
  5. Undead Archer with Affliction ability, in case the enemy puts Haunted Spirit on the first position or uses healers. Blocking cures is awesome!
  6. Completes the combo with the fast archer Gem Meteor, whose task was to deal chaotic damage and make it easier for the other cards.

My opponent predictably chose a combination of Dragons and Death, and his speedy Dragon Jumper was a massive concern, since my cards aren't exactly awesome in terms of defense, and I was hoping for him to be a frequent target for Gem Meteor.

Thanks to my speed attacks and Revealer's ability, I got rid of the enemy tank by the start of round two.

By the beginning of the third round I lost Revealer and my opponent lost Undead Minotaur, but the most interesting thing unfolded in rounds 4 and 5, when Dragon Jumper came out on top. My Dark Astronomer couldn't hit him, so the responsibility fell to Gem Meteor, who performed at his best!


It was a tough win and a worthy opponent, so I was very happy to have this fight and, equally happy to share this experience with you.

See you on a battlefield!

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