Weekly Challenge - Share Your Battle




Artwork by @finnx


Rule Set:

->Fire and Regret (Return Fire)
->Explosive Weaponry (Blast)


My Strategy:

I thought my adversary would go mainly with magic dmg due to the return fire rule, while I also had to go magic so I decided to make a gamble and do heavy dmg choosing Delwyn summoner; as a tanker I thought Almo to be a good choice with magic reflect and been able to evade a lot with phase, high speed and hp; by its side Oshuur to not take blast dmg with reflected shield while also healing the tanker with a possible resurrect; Elemental Phoenix; Gold Dragon; Chaos Dragon were the win condittions here with high dmg; Flame Imp on last spot boosting with swiftness!


Did my strat work? Do I like dragons?

Yeah, Almo was great and survived a lot giving back dmg and dodging, also getting resurrected by Oshuur. I was lucky because Chaos Dragon took out Black Dragon with scattershot early game and negating scavenger stacks and slow effect while also making blast dmg in the middle cards, that made a good advantage. Gold Dragon is one of the best cards in the game and almost always is one of the last survivors, I would say is my preferable card! Elemental Phoenix is very similar but the heal makes a difference imo.



What would I do differently?

I get in doubt sometimes if kitty would be better here because dmg is also important and I was able to win sometimes against it, even thought I might have lost to kitty here hypothetically due to high speed making me miss hit more and with true strike at same time. But I would like to have this card to test out.



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