Keeping yourself save on discord

I think many people including me, since they joined any discord related to crypto have had messages from unwanted people. As for an example:


It's safe to say no one likes these kind of messages, they're just really annoying and unwanted.
So here are some simple steps to actually never get these kind of messages again.

How to:

If you rightclick as seen in the image below, you can see the option of privacy settings. You click on it, it will pop up a window.

right click.jpg

Pop up image below:

direct message on.jpg

As shown in the image, it's automatically turned on by default.
What you want to do is click this to turn it off.
Once turned off it should look like this:

direct message off.jpg

When you do this it will only affect the discord server you used it for, so if by chance you have multiple crypto servers you joined, you might wanna turn it off for those as well.

Friend requests:

Never add anyone instantly, always ask yourself if you know the person. Is that person on the same private servers you use. Or has the person ever talked to you.

Anyway I hope this simple thing might help you out with getting rid of some daily annoyance.
Keep yourself save.