Wizard of Eastwood portrait


So I like to portrait drawings but haven't done them in a while, since I didn't really feel motivated to do so. But since splinterlands I felt like making the cards come a bit more alive. So here is my first drawing of a splinterlands card.

My rough sketch:

Just a rough sketch that I make up in about 10-15 minutes after that I start the drawing.

 " " \"Sketch.jpg\"""

Getting some basic shapes in and a bit of the outlines of the face.

 " "Wizard of eastwood part 2.jpg""

Most of the face is done here and now its basically just some shading and then it's finished.

 " "Wizard of eastwood part 3.jpg""

And here is the finished portrait of the Wizard of Eastwood.

 " "Wizard of eastwood.jpg""

Hope you like it, I feel like doing some more splinterlands inspired portraits now that I finished this one.

This one will also be used for the weekly splinterlands art contest.