Splinterlands - Chaos Legion 21 Pack Opening! Part 7 - Last 2 Packs


Hey folks, here are my daily chaos legion pack reveal and we are down to my last 2 packs!


Yes another Epic Card but i really wanted another Legendary!


Yaasss!! 😁🍻👍 Another Legendary card!

The Final Results

2 Legendary!!
3 Epic
2 Gold Rare
5 Gold Common
4 Rare Summoners
24 Rare Monsters

  • loads of Commons

I am pretty happy with these cards and although they are only currently worth approx $70 i believe the value of thess will rise to at least $300 - $600 when the packs run out in about 6 months probably.

I will maybe do one more post taking a proper look at these new cards

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Peace Graham :)