Splinterlands Daily Quest + Progress Report - Epic Reward!!

Hey folks, here are my daily mission prizes for the last couple of days.

Finally had some good luck 😁 I won another Epic Djinn Chwala today!!

They are only worth $4 currently so I might Have to buy another 3 so I can level up. Seems like a good investment!


I started off this Season with a balance of approximately 10000 DEC. I spent $30 on rentals for some good cards I need to be competitive. I also spent another $11 for enough CP to get to Silver I

Total Expenses 4100 DEC
Current Balance 8455 DEC

@elricmoonslayer's cards
Total Value (filterable): $ 368.70 using List Prices // $ 343.44 using Market Prices // 5,100 DEC

If you sign up with my Referral Link and purchase the Summoner's Spellbook i will delegate you 5 cards to help you get started. At least one of these will be rare or higher.

Peace, Graham.