My first toughts on Splinterland! - Great potential and gameplay - Good for financial speculation and NFT´s

Hello Hive blockchain!

This is my first ever blogpost here on the hive network and to celebrate that i am today writing my thoughts on the game Splinterlands who runs on a blockchain. For those of you who haven't checked the game out yet, i highly recommend doing so after reading this article.

If you are anything like me, you would of course be sceptical but yet overtly excited about the coming of the NFT´s to the market. The collector in me got that itch, i by the way I am fighting the urge not to start buying the NBA moments.

However, lets get to the game.

Gameplay / What is the game about?

Basically the game is a pretty normal TCG in most ways, if you are not familiar with the genre, the learning curve might become a bit steeper, however i will try to cover the basics now. The game or P vs P part of the game consists of "battles" between you and an opponent.

The battle being fought by all sorts of monsters and creatures that you select before each fight.
The battle system, while not being complex isn't really important to explain in detail in this overall review.

The monsters however and creatures available to the player really impressed me a lot, the usual suspects of Trading Card games have shown up. The dragons and Goblins, Griffins, Elves, Shield bearers and the whole nine yards of fantasy are available to mix and match up against. Each one having one of seven colour themes. which each comes with its set of strengths and weaknesses.

The monsters some of them also have their own abilities and triggers, and the amount of those as well as the quality in balance of them impressed me. The game although recently released has obviously got a mature curation period in the hands of some real fans of the genre and geniuses in "game play" mechanics and theory. The game being absolutely fascinating from the get go.

And this truly comes from a guy, usually never excited, not about a computer game. Nah! not a TCG! But its something about the real competitiveness that the element of crypto and realness and money, greed... almost lust.. ahem, at times. i mean, i made an 8 star horse tonight, what did you do? what could have been more important than leveling up that frontline fighter that that green mustang is.


The collection element, and open market add to it along with the ongoing Land-sale but each plot of land is meant to be harvestable for resources and a few more cool options i dont remember at the moment.
There seems to be enough players, at least i havent had to wait for a match, the game is well balanced these factors count. But mostly the blockchain element is working for Splinterlands at the moment..
The ability to be able to trade and buy/sell cards overcoming the barrier of distance. (especially nice coming from rural Iceland). I know full well the pains of being the only Magic the Gathering player in a 500 mile radius, it sucks a dragons ball... if it could...

I would feel perfectly confident in buying a 12 $ card in order to play it, i see the value. and am confident in my purchases in this new platform.

this by no means was supposed to be an advertisment for the game, however i am psyched about it. am going to continue right now. and will be starting a blog about my progress there!

Going to the top in this one, the M F TOP!



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