Opening dice pack! Day 2 of 5 - Also Win a reward card

Ok so I finally crumbled and bought some dice packs, currently they are sitting at $47 each, which considering they where 3000 dec each means they are roughly twice and a bit more then when they where on the market


Ok so that is market price but a guild mate and all around generous person @kennysgaminglife offered his fellow PIZZA guild mates much better rates so I buckled and bought 5 packs. Check out his posts and giveaways, they are much much better then mine!

And I have to tell it is super fun opening packs again l, so much fun I thought I woukd share the love! So here is the deal, each day for the next 3 days I am going to open a pack and if I break even the market price of $47 I will give one random commenter a reward card (a CL one sorry!) All you have to do is drop a comment saying your in with your ign and upvotes and reblogs are not need but always loved!

Ok lets open the second pack!


A Mylor love this card and a nice little epic. Mylor at around $40 and the epics around $4 so someone's winning a card and the winner is... @nardsgaming !

Ok drop your name below and tommorow do this all again!

And as always use my , get a spell book and I'll send you some cards or lend a Mylor, your choice!