Battle of the day.


Hello everyone. Today I am going to share my battle.

Battle details: I played with life splinter. And my opponent used a water splinter against me.


Lost Legendaries: Legendary monsters may not be used in battles. This rule meant that I could not use some of my favorite strategies.

Lost Magic: Monsters with magic attack may not be used in battles. This rule further restricted my options.

Noxious Fumes: All monsters start the battle poisoned. Due to this rule I decided to use a monster with immunity.

Battle lineup:


  • FRANZ RUFFMANE level 2. This summoner adds some armor and can use gladiator monster.


  • EVELYN AUVERA level 1. This monster has great armor and immunity ability.


  • MARISOL CONTUMA level 1. At base this gladiator is already very powerful but it can become even stronger due to bloodlust ability.


  • SHIELDBEARER level 1. This monster has great health and taunt ability.

Battle strategy. I hoped that my monster with immunity will survive poison while SHIELDBEARER distracts my opponent and MARISOL CONTUMA goes on offence.

On the battlefield.

Battle 1.png

My opponent had a strong water team but his monsters did not have immunity.

Battle 2.png

My SHIELDBEARER was barely alive. And My tank already lost half it's armor.

Battle 3.png

At this point poison rule started killing monsters.

Battle 4.png

My gladiator became stronger and I won.

Battle results.png

In this battle I won 0.018 SPS and 20 League Rating. My strategy worked well- One of my monsters was immune to poison, another attracted enemy attacks and third was a gladiator who becomes more powerful after slaying the enemies.

I hope that you enjoyed my battle. If you would also like to start playing splinterlands and earning by making posts about your battles or by making art inspired by splinterlands please consider using my referral link:

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Thank you and have a nice day.