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It is time once again time to unravel the mysteries behind the Battle Mage Secrets. This time we'll undisclose the secret begind EQUAL OPPORTUNITY ruleset.

I'm excited to tell you that the battle used in this entry which you're going to witness is from my main account...using my owned collections.

For so long I've used my alt account and a borrowed deck...but this time I'm going to use my own decks which I have collected little by little in loooong span of time.😅😅😅.

Please bear witness how my own cards fare in a battle and annihilated the opponent in the end...but, kindly keep in mind that this is still low tier level since I'm still in the collecting of the cards phase. You wouldn't be seeing anything fancy like overflowing abilities of the cards and the like. Please bear with me on this regard.

I do hope you'll continue reading till the end...



All units gain the Opportunity ability which allows them to attack the unit with the lowest health on the enemy team.

▀▄▀▄▀▄MANA CAP & SPLINTERS▄▀▄▀▄▀



▀▄▀▄▀▄LINE UP▄▀▄▀▄▀

Kindly click the image above to see the battle in its entirety.



I didn't have the famous Quix The Devious yet in my collection and I wanted to use some Dragon Monsters in this battle so I used this summoner. I have a lot of mana to spare so I have a lot of margin even though I used this higher mana Soulbound Summoner. It will grant my ally with an additional speed and will also allow me to use one Gladiator Card in this battle. We all know what handy ability comes common to all Gladius Cards right? The dreaded Bloodlust ability...More often than not, I've been saved by this ability...

▀▄▀▄▀▄DJINN CHWALA▄▀▄▀▄▀

djinn c.png
I have almost often picked this monster and used it as myTank when a Dragon Summoner is used. It's high health and decent amount of armor is perfect for use as Tank or as deterrent to Sneak attack type this case I used it as Tank since doing so will make me take advantage of its thorns ability at every turn of the enemy. Putting it behind the line will mostly likely waste its ability since it will not be targeted early due to its high health.

▀▄▀▄▀▄DJINN OSHANNUS▄▀▄▀▄▀

djinn o.png
I placed this monster in the 2nd Slot as back-up Tank as deterrent to magic attackers with Sniping ability. Its Void ability is a must-have if I wanted to minimize the damages received from Sniping magic attackers. Although every monsters in the field is given an Opportunity, monsters with sniping ability will still overrule the Opportunity granted in them during the start of the the game. This one is tough nut to crack so I placed it in the 2nd line of defense.

▀▄▀▄▀▄DESERT DRAGON▄▀▄▀▄▀

I added this monster in the line-up due to its high attacking power as well including its Trampling ability. It is common to place lower hp monsters in the middle of the line-up to protect them from the enemy monsters attacking the front and back-end. Since it's granted an Opportunity, I'm hoping to put its trampling ability to good use. If it kills an enemy in the middle of the line-up it will attack the next monster adjacent to it. The thing is it doesn't work if the enemy it kills is the last in line so I'm hoping the enemy put a monster with lower hp in the middle and this monster is the one to kill it (fingers crossed😂😂😂)...

▀▄▀▄▀▄CHAOS DRAGON▄▀▄▀▄▀

The one-man army of the Chaos Legion...In higher level its Scattershot ability is paired with Blast ability causing massive damages and wreaking havoc to the battlefield. Unfortunately mine is not yet levelled-up so I can only depend to its high health, high speed and most of all deadly magic attacks of 3units. Any monster it hits directly will surely be suffering from excessive health point loss. What I like about it is it doesn't follow a certain path of attacks. It attacks wherever it sets its eyes on...not minding whether the opponent has Taunt ability monster. True sign of a King, unbound to any rule or ability it deems unworthy🤣🤣🤣


I have other powerful Dragon monster that I can use in my arsenal but I instead chose this one since I'm a fan of Bloodlust ability. I didn't put it in the 2nd Slot so as to disable its Reach ability. This way it can make use of the Opportunity ability granted in him and attack the enemy with lowest hp...I'm also hoping it will be able to land the final and killing strike to the enemy it hits, activating is Bloodlust as the result.


The lady guardian of my line-up. I have often used her as the back-end protector in several fact too many to count and be remembered. She has high health so she can surely take a beating...or two. She also packs a powerful 3unit magic attacks causing major damages to any monster it attacks. While Opportunity is granted to all monsters during the start of the game, Sneak type monster will still attack the back-end so she standing guard at the back will surely keep my ally monsters at ease.


▀▄▀▄▀▄THE BATTLE▄▀▄▀▄▀

Kindly click the link to see the battle.

When all the monsters took the battlefield, I can see that the opponent focused on de-buffing my team...taking one health and 1unit magic damage to my monsters. The purpose of placing Djinn Oshannus in the 2nd Slot seemed useless too in the sense that no Sniping magic attacker is included in the enemy line-up. It instead chose physical attack type monsters: melee and range attack. My team suffers from total of three debuffs from the enemy: two from the summoner; less 1health and 1magic while the **Disintegrator demoralizes my melee attack type monsters reducing their attack power by 1unit as well. My monsters were de-buffed but still very much powerful nonetheless when comparing their total strength.

The battle was started by an attack from my side since I have the fastest monsters taking the battlefield.
20230520_221905.gifYou can see the fierce attacks coming from my monsters in this clip. These barrage of attacks resulted in two enemy monsters dying and being removed from the battle immediately soon as the battle started. Although my Desert Dragon gave the final and killing blow to the 2nd enemy monster that died it didn't activate its Trample ability since its currently the last in line when Desert Dragon killed it.

Th round ended with the opponent having a greatly diminished force and attacking power since my monsters killed two of them right off the bat as the match started while my team is still in full force and ready to cause more chaos and wreak havoc.

Lets proceed to the 2nd Round. This round was, as expected, started again from an attack from my side. another ferocious barrage of attacks was dealt and received by the enemy resulting to to the death of one more monster in the enemy line-up. The monster next to die from and be removed was the one demoralizing my monsters. And following the pattern from the previous it was Desert Dragon which dealt he killing blow and since the monster that died was the last in line again, it failed to activate the trampling ability. I'm still satisfied that although its primary ability slumbers, its final attack killed its target resulting in the un-demoralizing of my melee attack monsters. This brings back their confidence in their power and strength in attacks.
20230520_230203.gifYou can very well see the demoralizing effect of Disintegrator in my team being removed and my melee monster's attacking power being returned to its full capacity. My tank also finally landed a hit on the enemy's Tank for the first time. It seemed the demoralizing effect it had in the previous round was a contributory factor to its missed attack at its target despite having a great speed advantage or its just the Flying ability that Gargoya Lion had is way too powerful to overcome the great speed advantage of my Tank. I don't know...the latter probably is only the main reason😅😅😅. Anyhow, my Tank was still able to land an attack and that is a great development.

In the late stage of this round, the enemy was finally able to kill-off one of my powerful monster since it received the majority of their attacks.
The credit goes to Pelacor Deceiver for dealing the final blow.
20230520_233527.gifAlso notice in the clip the missed attack of Relenor Cleaver to the enemy monster's Tank. The Tank's health points and Relenor Cleaver had the same amount...meaning if its attack hit, the enemy's Tank will surely bid farewell from the battlefield. We all should have been able to witness the Bloodlust ability activating in all its glory. The thing is...the attack missed...what a shame🤣🤣🤣 terrifying the Flying ability is when it comes to dodging. See the speed difference? Yeah, right...that don't matter much in the face of the Flying ability.

The round ended with 8monsters left in the field battling for supremacy.
The opponent had 3monsters left, with a Tank barely clinging to life...😁😁😁.

The 3rd Round soon started. The combined attack from my magic attack type monsters easily killed-off the barely breathing Tank of the enemy. This resulted in the squaring-off of two melee attack monsters with Thorns ability.
20230520_232846.gif No event in this round is worth noting because eventhough two monsters with Thorns ability is to face-off with each other, my monsters will just slowly chip-off its health point altogether, with the exception of Chaos Dragon, of course. He's got his own target everytime...😅😅😅. The combined attack and the damage the enemy tank received when it attacked my Tank killed it off right then and there... on the spot... right before the 3rd Round ended. This round ended with only the Pelacor Deceiver in the enemy line-up remaining...the only monster able to kill one of mine. I guess it's time to take revenge🤣🤣🤣...

I wonder what it feels like facing a group of monsters...while it's all alone...with a badly damaged health point...That must have been way too scary...🤣🤣🤣. I know it's trembling from fear....who wouldn't?
I'm quite sure the fear it's feeling will surely end in a flash...

Let's proceed to the Last Round.
It's Pelacor Deceiver versus 5powerful angry monsters wanting to avenge their comrade-at-arms that it killed in the earlier round...
20230521_000630.gifIt took four attacks from my magic monsters to finally killed the last of the remaining enemy. It didn't even get the chance to attack at least once...trembling in fear, perhaps? I wish...but no...that's just the speed advantage my monsters had😅😅😅.

My team completely dominated the battle resulting in a complete annihilation of the enemy giving me a flawless victory. The team I picked for this match is no doubt much more powerful. I very much liked the outcome of the battle.

When this ruleset is to be applied in a battle consider choosing monsters with the highest hp and a great dealer of damage as much as possible. Also consider whether they have extra abilities that can help them win a battle.

There goes my entry for this week...
Hoping you somehow liked it...
Until next seeing you around...

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