Weekly Challenge: HILL GIANT

Another week and another Splinterlands challenge, being Hill Giant the chosen card. This card is quite good, it has an excellent amount of life points, but little speed, however it compensates with its low mana cost, since it only takes 4 mana to use this face. Completing this week's challenge and winning a game using it was quite a difficult job for me, I lost many games before finally winning the first one and by the time I won the first game using Hill Giant, in the next game I won the second game, so I was quite lucky.

In this first game, I chose to use the Chaos Legion expansion summoner: Obsidian, because I wanted to use in this battle cards with magic attack mostly, so the ability of this summoner was the right and necessary for what I wanted to do. In first position I placed one of my favorite cards of the Earth deck: Unicorn Mustang, an offensive card with a very powerful Melee attack. In second position and as dictated by the challenge of this week I placed: Hill Giant, taking over as the tank of the group when Unicorn Mustang was defeated, maybe it was not the best strategy but at least in the end it worked for me. Continuing in the formation and in third position is the magic attack card: Centauri Mage, an excellent card, with many life points, a good attack speed and a magic attack that together with the ability of the summoner makes it an excellent offensive card. In 4th position and fulfilling the same purpose of Centauri Mage I placed: Mycelic Slipspawn, another card with many life points, with an attack the same as Centauri Mage, but again with the summoner's ability makes it more lethal, but with an ability that makes it the main target of my opponent's cards, although you make up for it with its 11 life points. In penultimate position is another card from the Earth deck that I like a lot for its ability "Tank Heal" and that card is: Goblin Psychic. And in last position and completing the quartet of cards with magic attack, is a card with a very high speed level, although with a decent life level, however with a very low magic attack, just 1, although it is enhanced a little by the ability of the summoner, that card is: Regal Peryton.


In this second battle, which I won consecutively after the first one and after having lost I think 10 parts before, trying to do this challenge, instead of using Obsidian again, I used Wizard of Eastwood because in this battle I had very few mana points to use, in total about 15, and I preferred to use Wizard of Eastwood because as you know, it only costs 3 mana, 1 point less than Obsidian, and having so few mana points to use, that extra point would be useful to me. In first position I placed Hill Giant to serve as a tank card in this formation. In second position is a classic card of all Splinterlands: Furious Chicken (it didn't really do anything in this battle). In third and fourth position are two cards with the "Sneak" ability: Gobling Thief and Uraeus. And at the end of the whole formation is a card with Rank attack: Goblin Dartling.