Splinterlands battles | Learn by example #5 | High mana opportunity

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Splinterlands battles | Learn by example

In this series I want to showcase certain battles where you can learn from mistakes or from successful moves.


The battle


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In opportunity battles I usually do 2 things, I make the most out of the given ability and I expect the enemy to do the same.

I tend to go with a lot of my strongest damage dealers because it's a 99 mana battle. Using anything other than melee monsters would mean that I wouldn't be able to fill the same amount of mana and I would have to settle with "weaker" cards. That said, if you have a very strong alric lineup that would also be a very solid strategy.

Because I'm expecting to also receive a high amount of melee damage, mylor is the perfect summoner.

Basically, I would get wrecked by a very strong magic lineup, but the mustang gives me a chance against mediocre magic lineups.

In these type of battles we have to think about who of our monsters will be attacked first. In this case, the one with the lowest health will have to absorb the most damage. This is the reason why I like stone gollem here. It may not be the strongest card in the lineup, but he is a perfect addition because he is really good at absorbing those first hits.

I can't say the enemy had the best lineup in my opinion, simply because his cards are pretty low mana overall, maybe he does lack a lot of the stronger cards. However, I do like the inclusion of shield bearer, the taunt ability saves his damage dealers some time. The fact that he places the shieldbearer behind the elven defender is also a smart moves because this makes the shieldbearer stay alive just a bit longer.

The key takeaway here is that you should think about who of your monsters will be attacked first. Even though a high damage card like mitica headhunter might seem better here, you will soon realize that she would die extremely fast and that stone gollem is actually the better option, even though he is weaker in general and there is no mana cap.


Participants can claim SBT rewards

What Is SBT?
SBT is short for splinterlands battle tokens.
It's a token that is made to reward people who had an awesome splinterland battle!

If you wanna know more about SBT Check out this post by the creator of the token. It explains all the uses for it and milestones to come. Link to the post here: SBT Milestones You May Have Missed.

Credit to itzninjafool for coming up with this idea and sponsoring many of us to give it out and spread it around to the community.

Only participants can claim rewards (both loser and winner - it takes 2 players to create an awesome battle). However, only if you have not yet received an SBT reward. For example, if this is a battle that you submitted for an SBT Giveaway challenge and you have already been rewarded you will not be eligible.

If you are eligible to earn the SBT reward, simply comment on this post and I will send you 2500 SBT.


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