Splinterlands Daily Focus : Earth


Hey guys.. Mingalar par မင်္ဂလာပါ..
I missed a few days of daily focus posting. One of the reason is the battles seems to be difficult in the early season for me. At my starting rating, there are still no rules and difficult to win with standard rule.

Luckily, I had this battle with Earthquake rule and decided to play Earth splinter. It was against Death splinter. Mana cap was 28 and allowed Fire, Earth and Death splinters.

As I had to use Flying cards, the summoner effect was good for only Regal Peryton card. The boost was cancelled out by *Thaddius Brood's ability. Strangely, my opponent used only one flying card.

Right from the beginning, my Gargoya Devil was targeted by Magi Nacroci and knocked out since its health was reduced to 2 by enemy summoner. Luckily, Regal Peryton avoid the attacks from two sneak monsters.

Earthquake reduce enemy ground units and took out Skeleton Assassin. Tower Griffin was attacked by enemy sniper and eliminated.

Earthquake rescued me again, Magi Nacroci knocked out because of Earthquake and the rest of ground troops wounded again. Enemy had left with only attacking card that is severely wounded after Cursed Windeku was knocked out.

Enemy Silent Sha-vi was knocked out by Earthquake and left only with Riftwing, it was just a matter of time.

After dragging on to round-7, Riftwing finally got killed by my troops. My monsters killed only 2 cards, the rest were killed by Earthquake.

So far, I have collected 3 focus chests, but I'll be able to open only after daily focus time is ended tomorrow.

Alright guys..
Thanks for viewing my post. Have fun playing splinterlands. Splinterlands ကစားရင်း အမောပြေနိုင်ကြပါစေလို့ .. နောက်နေ့ပြန်ဆုံကြမယ်နော်...