Splinterlands : Today Battle


Hey guys.. Mingalar par မင်္ဂလာပါ..
I've been traveling for a few days. Even though I've been playing these days, I couldn't post battle reports. So that I make sure to post today as I am back from the trip.

Today battle was Death vs Life splinter. It was 21 mana capped battle with Silent Summoner rule that there's no summoner effect. All splinters except Water splinter was allowed to use. I decided to use Death splinter and used Contessa L'ament as it is cheaper than the other summoner available for me in Death splinter. As usual, Cursed Windeku, Death Elemental, Silent Sha-vi and Uraeus were placed. For the last mana left, I used Chaos Agent and placed in front of Death Elemental to cover it from Snipe or Opportunist. It turned out that my opponent used Life with Shieldbearer with healer line up. The line up I used was not for Shieldbearer but to concentrate on the back-line. Let's see the outcome.

I could damage only half of the health point of Shieldbearer, as it was healed and shield was repaired. Would my team take it out before it is too late?

Because of missing attack from Shieldbearer, healing and shield repair, Shieldbearer health and shield were the same at the end of round-2 while, my Uraeus was knocked out. Things were not on my side.

As the Shieldbearer attack hit Cursed Windeku, its health was reduced by thorn ability and lower than at the start of round-3.

My team managed to knocked Shieldbearer out before it was healed. Enemy formation was broken.

As enemy taunted card was out, my team start attacking as per their abilities.

Venari Crystalsmith healed it self and enemy Stitch Leech took out my Silent Sha-vi.

Venari Crystalsmith was not strong enough to withstand attacks from Death Elemental and Cursed Windeku and it was eliminated. Stitch Leech got the first position and attacked Cursed Windeku and missed. Should the attack hit, it would have been last round. But now the battle went on to next round.

Alright, my team was good enough for the enemy line up even though I thought I'd loose it.

I am well in Silver III league if I have enough power. I am not sure if I should advanced to the higher league. I have collected 7 season chests so far, which is fewer than I had hoped for. I collected 10 focus chest for today but I'll have to wait until tomorrow to open.
I have to say focus chests at this level are not very much interesting these days. I'll have to try to reach to higher league I guess.

Alright guys..
Thanks for viewing my post. Have fun playing splinterlands. Splinterlands ကစားရင်း အမောပြေနိုင်ကြပါစေလို့ .. နောက်နေ့ပြန်ဆုံကြမယ်နော်...