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Are you new to Splinterlands and searching for some advice, then you found the correct series! In this Beginner’s Guide Series, we are discussing things that new players of Splinterlands should know or try to learn. In this specific episode I want to focus on my experience with the new reward system. We will quickly recap what is most important in the new system as well as what the advantages and disadvantages might be. Furthermore, I will talk about my next goals and next steps. If this article motivated you to start playing this amazing game, then feel free to join the fun over the following link:

The New Reward System

Since the beginning of the current season, there is a brand new reward system in place. In my opinion it has some mixed consequences but we will get to them in a bit. First up, let’s discuss what actually changed? The most noticeable thing is that the daily quests are gone. These are now replaced by the daily focus. In this new focus you have 24 hours to try and get as many reward chest as possible and you earn these chest by playing the specific focus task. In the picture below it would be the fire task.


With each win you are getting a certain amount of Points which contribute in the end how many Chest you are eligible to get. In our case, we managed to get enough points for 7 Chests. In the table below we can see how the points are distributed amongst the different leagues. It is important to note, that the more chest you are eligible to receive, the more points you need to get another chest. This certainly incentivizes people to play the game more and is a very cool change in my opinion.


But we also need to talk about the actual chests themselves. You see, the higher the league the better the chests which means that with higher league the possibility of getting reward cards is increasing. Additionally to that, the DEC rewards are increasing with higher league as well, but these increases are nothing new for the veteran players as they probably were always there.


Pros & Cons So Far

With the actual change out of the way, let’s take a look at some advantages and disadvantages of this new change. The good things first! People who are actually playing and enjoying this game are finally getting rewarded more for playing the game. This means that the more you play, the higher is your chance to get more Chests! The Developers also added a nice twist in order to not incentivize bots: every time you are playing a card that is not actually yours or rented, you are getting less Focus Points which also increases the amount of games you would need to play in order to be able to get a chest.

This change not only influences the daily quests but also the complete season! Now that the “hard” rewards are gone, it will now be easier to get more chests per season! While before the change I was guaranteed 15 chests every season, I am now having the opportunity to get a lot of chests more. So far I was able to collect 40 chests and am planning to play more! This also has an effect on the rental market. Because the rewards for the season are not rigid anymore, players are less incentivize to get the necessary Collection Power in order to stay in a certain league. The only difference is that with higher leagues you are getting slightly better quality of chests. But in general this point is a very good one for new players as they now can rent cards for very cheap.

Where there are upsides, there must be downsides as well. This also affects the rental market. More specifically, the more experienced players who liked to rent out their cards, are now not getting as much revenue for their cards. I still think it is fairly profitable to rent out your unused cards so it is not a big downside for myself.

Furthermore, the amount of payers that are now playing the game increased drastically. At least this is how I am feeling it. Because more people are playing the game more, people are getting lower DEC Battle rewards. This is a little bit annoying as we can not grow our deck as fast as we used to but it is still a very good news and I would not even consider ot being such bad news to be honest.

Last but not least we have to talk about the rewards themselves. While before, the patch, I had a 50% chance of a reward card in Silver 2, I am now currently at around 38%. This is a high decrease and I feel like the percentage is a bit lower as my rewards had not every 3 chests a reward card in them. On the other side it is all getting compensated by the amount of chests that we are receiving. Nevertheless I wish I could have a better chance of getting better reward cards so that I can grow my Colelction Power naturally.

My Strategy Going Forward

Now that I stated my feelings about this change, let’s discuss my strategy going forward. As you could have figured by now, I am currently in Silver 2 with around 48k CP. In order to get to Gold we need 100k CP. Because it would be too expensive to buy myself another 52k of CP I am planning of renting myself up to the Gold level.

At the current prices it would cost me around 70-100 DEC per day to rent myself up there. With battle rewards at the gold level I would suggest that I could be able to make even a possible profit with DEC rewards per day. Other than that I am still observing this on going season. I am very curious how many chests I am able to receive at the end of the season and how profitable they will be in the end.

Furthermore, I am still holding my SPS. With the current Validator Nodes Sale and the additional information that we only have around 50 days left of the SPS Airdrop it will be very interesting to see how the SPS market will develop. In every case, I am holding on to SPS until at least the next bull market as this is when the prices will reach their top again.


All in all I must admit that this change looked very weird at first but it is certainly looking like a very cool change. Especially the fact that you are getting rewarded more for playing this amazing game is very big news in my opinion. This just shows that the developers are listening to their community and trying to develop a game that is able to satisfy its players. It is also nice to see that the game is in constant development and is getting more and more attention through interesting partnerships and cool marketing!

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