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Are you new to Splinterlands and searching for some advice, then you found the correct series! In this Beginner’s Guide Series, we are discussing things that new players of Splinterlands should know or try to learn. In this specific episode I want to highlight a card that at first glance looked terrible but is a real hero in my opinion. We will talk about Uriel the Purifier and how he might probably make your life a whole lot more easier in the future if your new Daily Focus is based on Life! If this article motivated you to start playing this amazing game, then feel free to join the fun over the following link:

Uriel The Purifier

Without further ado, let’s admire the card that is supposed to change the difficulty for so many players out there. When this card first came out I was skeptical as it did not look to amazing. It was a Melee attacker in a ranged based Splinter. Its cost were 11 which is a lot for a card and its ability of attacking only every second turn was a real down grade for me. My number one tank of choice was always Shield Bearer who just made the better impression on me and seemed to be just the more efficient variant.

This all changed when I got this amazing card in a pack! At first I was about to sell it, in order to get myself some better cards but then I realized that with the new patch, hard owned cards are worth a lot! And because I did not own the Shiel Bearer I thought about giving Uriel a fair shot. What should I say, he impressed me so much that I am writing a whole guide about him!

This card is probably the best tank that I used in this game! He has the armor, the health, comes with a good amount of speed as well as the flying ability and deals 9 damage every second turn! With enough support this card is indestructible and manages to destroy your opponent’s tank in almost one blow! With higher levels this card becomes even more insane, as it gets a heal ability as well as increase of health and attack. Especially the health increase can be very important in the future battles, but for now we will look at the base version of this cool card.


Adelade Brightwing

In order to support this tank, we will need to major components in our team. First component will repair the damaged armor. The second component will heal our tank up, when needed. The first component is filled by Adelade! This magic attacker comes with the repair ability and extends the lifeline of Uriel by a lot! Furthermore, she is able to deal some good damage as she is a magic attacker. What is also cool is that she ahs also the fyling ability, making her and Uriel a very nice combo in rulesets with earthquake.

With higher levels this card do not get very stronger, but she will get certainly a lot more better. With each level up she gets an additional Ability. In her highest stage she gets additionally Resurrect, Immunity and Swiftness. Especially resurrect is a very powerful ability as she can resurrect Uriel in the case of him dying first!


Venari Crystalsmith

The other supporting component is the Venari Crystalsmith! The job of this card is to keep Uriel alive by healing him every turn. Additionally, this card will deal a good amount of ranged damage with General Sloan as our Summoner. This card gets somewhat stronger with higher levels but it is not major. Like mentioned before, the main purpose of this card is to make sure that our tank is getting enough health!


Pelacor Arbalest

Our tank is important in order to provide safety to the cards that I am going to introduce now. These cards are responsible for the damage dealing and it is important that they are protected as they often have not a lot of health. My number one Damage dealer is the Pelacor Arbalest, but we also sometimes like to use Prismologist as well. The Pelacor is able to deal double the amount of his damage because of his double strike Ability. With the buff of the Life Summoner general Sloan, its attack is always one point higher which increases the dealt damage by a good amount.

With higher levels this card becomes increasingly stronger. Especially the added flying ability from level 5 on, can help with the Earthquake ruleset and is a great addition to the previous flying cards! I am currently using this card on level 3 as it gives me enough health to survive a Sneak attack as well as enough attack to deal a good amount of damage.


Time Mage

Last but not least we have the Time Mage. Probably one of my most favorite cards as it slows down our opponent’s monsters down. This is especially useful when we want to deliver a lot of final blows. Because we are able to attack before our enemy, our monsters get dips on the killing strike most of the time. Not only that but this card also is a Magic attacker which makes this card very strong without an ability. I like to use this card on level 3 as it has increased attack in this stage which helps with the part of dealing enough damage at the correct time.


Example Battles & Strategy

Let’s move on to some example battles! This time around we have four battles. Three of those are against three different Splinters which shows how broadly used this strategy can be. Our main focus should be on Uriel as he is surviving most of the battles due to our amazing strategy. Furthermore, our damage dealers can shine and deal enough damage to leave our opponents not having a lot of attacking force by the end of the second round.

In the first battle, we are up against a Magic Earth Team. These are the hardest ones to beat as they are mostly magic attackers. Despite the hard challenge we are able to make sure that our tank survives the whole match. This just shows how resistant Uriel is against any kind of attacks.


battle 1

In the second battle we are up against another Life player that has in general a very similar build as ours. The only difference is that we have Uriel that is making our life much easier. With him on our side we are able to hold our enemies attacks as long as possible and due to our two major damage dealers, we are able to deal enough damage to come ahead out of this battle.


battle 2

Third battle is again against a very tough Water Team. This time around with the twist of having the aforementioned Earthquake rule set. This battle and the next one just shows how big of an advantage the Flying Ability can be. Not only are we not getting any damage trough the earthquake but our enemy has a very hard time to deal some damage to our tank. These reasons are enough to come out of the next two battles victorious even though it might not look like it in the beginning!


battle 3


battle 4

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Thanks for sharing! - @lenonmc21

Very good examples of cards, battles and strategy with the Splinter of Life approach.