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Are you new to Splinterlands and searching for some advice, then you found the correct series! In this Beginner’s Guide Series, we are discussing things that new players of Splinterlands should know or try to learn. In this specific episode we will take a look at some cards that every new player should buy. With the new reward system card ownership becomes more important than ever! This is why wewill try to select some cards that could help people right from the start with as less money as possible. If this article motivated you to start playing this amazing game, then feel free to join the fun over the following link:


Let’s set up some rules first! I will assume that you already have some summoners and might already leveled them up a bit. If not it is not the end of the world but owning at least one summoner of each Splinter on level one should be the goal here before turning your interest towards actual monster cards as well. With this being said, you can buy and play the following monsters even without owning a summoner, you will just get a little bit less rewards than everyone else.

Furthermore, my goal is to make these investments as efficient as possible. This is why I will try to stay in a budget of around 20$. If we are a little bit over in the end it is probably due to price volatility :P. Anyways, enough with the pre-talk and let’s jump right into the first three Splinters for today!

Earth Splinter

Goblin Psychic

First up today is going to be the Earth Splinter. It’s main focus at the moment is definitely the Magic attackers and with a summoner that buffs your magic attacks it seems like a no-brainer to get into this specific style of cards. The first card that we will talk about is the Goblin Psychic. This card is especially powerful because it brings 2 mana attack right from the start. This means that already at level one, you will deal 3 damage to any monster on the field that has not the Void ability. Unfortunately, it comes with only 3 health and only one speed which means that there is a chance that this card will not attack at all due to an early death. This is why we need to protect it at all cost, most favorably with a juicy tank, with a lot of health. This is actually a great synergy because the Goblin brings also the tank heal ability which means that it will heal the protecting tank in each turn, extending the life span of his protector and his own.

With higher levels this card gets up to 7 health, which also helps to extend his life spam as well as the Silence and Affliction ability which lead to the monsters not being able to be healed as well as all the opponents monsters to lose one magic attack. All of these advantages can be bought with just 0.20 USD at the time of writing. Obviously, it would be just a card on level one but like we already determined, it is a very great card already at level one.



Speaking of great tank, we must talk about Grund. This card is such an amazing tank you will not believe it. It is probably one of the best tanks you can get in this game at the moment, if not the best. Why is that? Well first of all, it comes with ten health, 3 melee attack and 3 speed on the basic level! Yes, I admit this card also costs 10 mana to play but it is worth every little mana point that you can spare. The reason for my absolute hype for this card is his ability! It is the double strike ability which ultimately transforms his 3 melee attack into 6 melee attack, EACH TURN. Yes, you heard me correctly, you can deal 6 damage with this card each turn.

The best part about this ability is that if you are up against a monster with 2 armor remaining, you will not waste all 6 damage on one attack. With the first attack you will destroy the armor, wasting one damage but with the second strike you are having a clean shot of 3 damage! Isn’t this amazing? What’s more is that with 3 speed he is most likely one of the fastest tanks out there, especially in the beginning stages which almost guarantees him to actually hit his target unlike other heavy tanks who are missing very often. For a cost of 1.55$ at the time of writing, this card should be worth every penny!


Goblin Sorcerer

Okay, now that we got our tank out of the way, let me ask you a question. What is better than magic damage in this game? This is a hard question, I know that, because magic damage goes trough armor and does not miss its targets, so what does he mean by that? Well easy! Let’s assume you do not want to focus all of you magic power on the enemy’s tank because he might be expecting some magic damage. He might put a tank in front that can absorb magic damage pretty good with the Void ability and will try to destroy our forces from his backline. In this case, let me introduce you to the Goblin Sorcerer.

This guy has not only Magic damage, but also the Sneak ability! This means that he will attack our opponent’s last minion which will counter his plan to destroy our forces from the back! With one magic attack, this card does not seem the strongest, but we have to remember that our summoner will add an additional magic attack on top. For a cost of only 3 mana this is something that we are willing to put some resources in. On the highest level, this card even manages to have 3 magic attack, which would increase its total attacking force to 4! For price of 2.20 USD this card is certainly not on the cheaper end but also worth a consideration for investing.



Djinn Oshannus

From Earth to Water! This is currently one of the strongest elements to play, which is why we need to talk about this splinter as well. With the current summoner, we would gain one speed and one armor which is a huge boost when it comes to defending against melee attacks. Regardless the strategy our next card is always worth playing, no matter the situation: Djinn Oshannus. This card is a reward card which makes it possible to obtain in one of the many reward chests. The thing is that it might take you a long time and for round about 1.70 USD this card is a real bargain!

With 2 mana attack, 5 speed and a whopping 10 health this legendary card will ensure you almost single handedly the win. The icing on the cherry are not his 8 mana cost, which are amazingly cheap, but his void ability which makes him almost the perfect anti magic card. Because magic cards usually have not very much health, this card could be able to not take a lot of damage and delete an entire magic squad. With the Fade Ability this card even gets the chance to doge magic attacks and with 5 speed already it is pretty hard to hit in the first place. If you want to spend your money on a card, this is your best choice!



Moving on to the ugliest fish in town! The Deeplurker is equally as amazing as it is ugly. This means that his card is pretty amazing :D For 6 mana you are able to get a card that does attack the monster with the lowest health and has 3 melee attack by itself. This makes it the perfect card to destroy enemy’s backlines. Because it will get one armor and one speed from the water summoner, it will also make it a perfect tank replacement in the case of our tank dying during battle.

With higher levels this card becomes better, faster and stronger with the perfect touch on the final level. With 5 attack and 7 health it already is a very good card, but it also Weakens our opponent which means that his monsters will lose one melee attack. This will certainly open up better strategies and for only 0.20 USD at the time of writing it is certainly a card worth considering to buy.


Sea Monster

What other way is there to end the Water Splinter rather than with a sea Monster? This card is a very good tank to consider buying just because of its Self-Heal ability. Because it has 8 health to start with, this card will almost certainly survive the first round, and by the time it will get its first attack, will be able to restore some health back, making this monster very hard to delete. Especially his 4 melee attack will help this card to provide itself and his support cards some security. For a price of around 1.80 USD, this card is as expensive as the first card we looked at. If you only can buy one, I would certainly go with the Djinn but if a good tank is all you need, then do not look any longer than this 😊



Tenyii Striker

Last but not least for this guide, we will have a look at the fire Splinter. Traditionally, this Splinter is associated with Fast and heavy Melee attackers, which is also continued to be the case right now. With the summoner who grants us an additional health and melee point we have some good options to use. The first one being Tenyii Striker. It is the prototype of a Fire Card: Fast and good melee attack! On level one it already brings 2 melee attack to the table, with a speed of two. Yes it is not much in the beginning but it can go up potentially to 4. With 6 health, this card also makes a very good tank in the case we need it and for 5 mana cost this Sneak Attacking card is an absolute must in every fire Deck.

See, because of its Sneak ability, it will be able to attack from any position which is very important in Splinterlands. While regular Melee attacker can only attack from the first position, Sneak attackers can attack the back of the field from any position we want. This increases our efficiency during the battle and helps us to eliminate potential threats early in the battle.

The higher this card gets the better it becomes. In its final stage it gets additionally the Strike Back and Dodge Ability which means that it ahs a high chance to not be hit and every time this happens the attacking unit will get 2 damage. For a total amount of just 0.35 USD this card is an absolute no-brainer for a Fire Deck.


Forgotten One

In order for our Sneak Strategy to work, we certainly need a good tank. While the Fire Splinter has naturally a lot of good tanks, I think that the one with the best price to earn ratio is the Forgotten One. For 1.30 USD you are getting an absolute beast that especially shines during the Poisonous Ruleset. Because of its Immunity Ability it can not get poisoned which makes it last longer. With a total of 8 health, 4 armor and 4 melee attack, all on the first level this card certainly is a great tank to have on your side. It is also worth developing this card because on level 3 it will get the additional retaliate ability which allows the card to strike back every attack with a little bit of luck. With the amount of melee attack it has, this can certainly change the course of a battle.


Serpentine Spy

Last but not least we need to talk about one of the most used cards in the past month in the Fire Splinter: The Serpentine Spy is the perfect fit for the current Fire Summoner. With 2 attack and three speed for only three mana this card will increase its attacking force to 3 points. Furthermore, it will get an additional health point which helps this card as well as it moves to 2 health. With the Opportunity Ability it is very similar to the Deeplurker, we discussed earlier in the water Splinter. The difference is that his card only costs us 3 mana instead of 6.

With higher levels this card becomes naturally stronger and has the potential to eliminate the whole opponent’s squad in a few turns. For around 2.40 USD, this card is on the expensive side in this article but, definitely worth trying out. Maybe try to rent this card first before spending this money on it.



I really hope that I was able to help you find some good cards to start with. In general, I would recommend to rent the cards first before actually buying them in order to find out if they fit your strategy. With this being said, we only covered the first three Splinters here. Stay tuned to get the second part of potential cards to buy!

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Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

Nice cards you recommended, I use a lot serpentine spy, is a cool one.


Yeah it is a great card to use right now! Thank you for the support! :)