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As the Chaos Legion Update is coming closer I wanted to talk about the new cards that we are getting to enjoy. In this article I will talk about the cards that I think will be overpowered, especially in the lower level range and which cards might be hidden gems. Furthermore, I will talk about what my strategy for the upcoming month will be and how I am planning to tackle this new expansion. Please keep in mind that I am relatively new and that I might be wrong with my assumptions. I am basically trying to use my gained knowledge so far! 😊

Fire Splinter

Starting with the Fire Splinter we got some really nice and diversified cards. The one card that really stands out is the Irfit Rising. I admit that this is probably the number one pick of most of the players but with really good reason. Although it only attacks once every two turns it will deal a total of 6 mana damage which is very absurd for a level 1 monster. Furthermore, it has 8 health which makes him survive at least 2 attacks in my opinion.


But because everybody will be focused on this card, I think there might be some opportunities to snatch some nice overlooked cards. In my opinion these are Tenyji Striker and Tusk the Wide. I am aware that those two cards are probably not the number one pick or not even the number two pick but I really think they have a lot of potential, especially in the early stages and especially with the new summoner which gives plus one melee and plus one speed. This means that Tenyji could slice up your opponent from the back before he even has the chance to strike, the additional 5 health at level one gives him the chance to do it more than one time in a game. With Tusk I am sure that he will be an extraordinary tank. Especially in battles against magic. And because magic seems to continue be the Meta this card should do the trick if you want or forced to play Fire.


Water Splinter

Continuing with my favorite Splinter so far: Water. I have to admit that I enjoy playing the water Splinter with its Magical abilities. But it seems like it is shifting away from it. With the new summoner which gives plus one speed and plus one armor it incentives you to play more melee or range. With this being said I think the number one pick of most player would be the Wave Brood. The reason for that is its Taunt ability. And while it only attacks once per two turns the 3 range damage could possibly make the difference in a tight game.


I must admit that for me the water splinter does not offer to many nice cards this time, but I certainly would look out for the following two. Nerissa Tridawn is just an amazing edition to the already existing magic cards. With this card on your field and the three magic damage and the additional 9 health this monster should be almost undefeatable. And while its cost of 9 mana is very high, I think it is a really good card to look out for. The second card that will be a big success is the Diemonshark. Already at level one it has an obliterating speed and with 13 total Hit Points a very good tank to play.

Life Splinter

Moving to probably the least favorite splinter in the whole game: Life. In my opinion it is moving in the right direction. With the new summoner the Taunt strategy will gain a new angle and will definitely be one of the most played comps in the lower level Leagues. That is why my number one pick for this splinter is without a doubt the summoner. I will also try to pick up this card just because there are not many cards that incentives you to use range ability cards.

With this in mind the next overpowered combo should be the Prismologist. It has the Blast ability and with a starting attack of 3 it will deal 2 damage to the next minions. With a decent amount of Health and Armor this will definitely be a card that will be used a lot. Another obvious choice for this strategy will probably be Adelade Brightwing as she has the Repair ability and could easily keep the Taunt Shielbearer alive for the whole game.

Earth Splinter

Now coming to probably the most overpowered Splinter in the next expansion. The Earth Splinter. With the new summoner it is very obvious that the Earth Splinter will now shift towards Magic. But not only that, The Earth Splinter is getting a magic Taunt which can operate from the back line as well as additional magic cards which could round up the whole experience. This is why for the Earth Splinter the following combo will be the most used cards in the game in my opinion. Just play Obsidian with the Mycelic Slipspawn and Queen Mycelia and you have a win almost guaranteed. Add some existing Earth Magic cards to the team and you are probably good to go.

This combo will be probably very expensive. That is why I will try to have a look at the following card. The Venari Knifer might be overlooked since there is already a summoner with Thorns. But in my opinion, especially for the new player out there this card might be a very good tank to start winning games with for a appropriate amount of money. Furthermore he brings some nice amount of health an a very decent speed.

Death Splinter

With Death I think I am not the only one who is a little disappointed. While the summoner is a great counter against the shift to Magic, I find it a little hard to discover some amazing cards for the beginner players. I think that with Djinn Muirat combined with the new summoner people could counter the new Magic shift easily. The problem is that this Legendary card will probably cost a lot of money and is not very usable for the newer players.

That is why I think the following two cards a worth looking and investing in. Cursed Windeku is a nice card to have when not fighting against Magic. Especially in the later levels when it gets Self-Heal it will be an unbelievable tank. But even at level one the Thorns ability might win you some games. The second pick is Magi Necrosi. With the Snipe ability it will probably be able to get rid of some monsters in the back line of your opponent without being attacked because of its Camouflage ability.

Dragon Splinter

Last but not least, the Dragon Splinter. While the summoner is not really something to look out for I think that the monsters are very potent to win you every game. I think that you can nor do anything wrong by picking one of the following four dragons. But I also think they will be all very expensive so I will be staying away from them personally.

Conclusion and Strategy

With the new batch of cards, I think that the game will get a new dynamic. It makes me very excited to see how the game will develop and what the new meta will be. Me personally, I will try to buy 200$ worth of Chaos Legion packs once the general sale begins. With that I hope to gain more CP and maybe get some of the new legendary cards. I would also suggest to wait purchasing the new cards until the general sale starts, because with that most of the cards will be pulled. But like I said in the beginning, I could be very wrong and it could happen completely different!

I am curious to read about your strategies for the upcoming expansion!

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