Splinterlands - Share Your Battle - Cruel Sethropod Edition




In this week’s “Share Your Battle” Challenge, it is all about the Cruel Sethropod. To be honest with you, he does not look too cruel too me but his stats say certainly otherwise! In this article we will discuss a card that I really like to use. Furthermore, we will take a look at the cards that we will use in combination with this card. In the end we will talk about the strategy as well as take a look at the battle itself!

Cruel Sethropod

Let’s begin with the card in the focus: Cruel Sethropod. Like mentioned above, this card does not look very cruel on its picture but what it can do to its enemies can be very well described as cruel. For just 3 mana you are getting a very solid first position card with 3 armor and 4 health that need to be beaten. Obviously, such a cheap card can not have everything which is why its speed as well as its attacking power are lacking a little. I do not think that this is the main purpose of this card but if you were looking for a heavy hitter this card is certainly not for you.

This card is extremely useful in the ruleset where only cards below the cost of 5 mana can be played. But also outside this ruleset there are still some use cases for this card, especially if you are able to level it up! In its highest level this card achieves 6 armor and 7 health which are very hard to beat within a view strikes. This is why this card can be perfectly used as the number one bumper in order to absorb attacks by the enemy and make sure that your actual attackers land their hits first!


Flying Squid

Next up we have the second position card and this card is probably the best second position Melee Card in the game so far: the Flying squid. Again, the name is somewhat misleading as this card does not have the flying ability but what it does have is the Reach ability! This allows this card to attack from the second position and with a speed of 3 and an attacking power of two, this card deals certainly some damage.

The best part about it is that it has also 8 health, meaning that when our tank loses its purpose, this card can certainly withhold some more attacks before our main cards need to fill in the position. With higher levels this card becomes even more useful as it becomes quicker and even gets the counter strike ability when it is missed. With 10 health this card also gains a lot of buffer in order to absorb potential hits.


Djinn Oshannus

Moving on to our main strikers in this line up. Probably my most favorite card in this game: Djinn Oshannus. Not only is this card a magic attacker but it is also less affected by magic attacks itself. Furthermore, it comes with 5 speed and 10 health at the basic level, making it one of the strongest cards overall. This card will make the damage we need while the two first position cards are dodging and eating all the attacks from our opponent.

Once this card has to go into first position the opponent will not have a lot of forces left to attack and the ones that will be left, will probably not have the speed to keep up with the Djinn! With higher levels this card gets even more amazing! Not only does its attack and health increase by one but this card also gets the Phase ability which makes it possible to doge magic attacks! A true All-rounder in my opinion.


Nerissa Tridawn

The card that is responsible for damage dealing is another magic attacker: Nerissa Tridawn is the perfect card to deal some damage! She comes with three basis magic attack which is very insane. Furthermore, she has 9 health which is not very common for the normal magic monsters, as they often lack health. This card allows us to deal 5 almost guaranteed damage in combination with the before mentioned Djinn. This is already a lot to handle for the opponent.

With higher levels this card becomes an absolute beast! In its final form this card can deal up to 5 magic damage and has a health of 11. There must be a really crazy tank to stop this kind of attacking force. In combination with Kelya this card also gets more speed and an extra armor which benefits the overall strength of the card enormous as it will get harder to kill.


Venari Wavesmith

With all of those damage dealers, we need to throw in a support unit in. Venari Wavesmith is the perfect addition to this team as it grants us additional armor for every monster. In combination with Kelya, each monster will get additionally 3 armor, which is very hard to break trough in the first place. This card also comes as a magic attacker which makes this card one of the strongest ones to play! With higher levels this card becomes a little bit stronger as it gets the ability to remove every positive buff on the monsters that it hits. Furthermore, it can get up to 3 attack and 4 health which are very solid for a support style card.



To finish our team off we need something that targets the backline of our opponent. And what card best to use for this purpose than one of the ugliest cards in this game: Deeplurker. I must admit that this ugly creature is one of the most terrifying things in Splinterlands that exists but it is also one of the strongest cards in this game! With 3 attack and 6 health this card can be a perfectly good tank but because it has the Opportunity Ability it is most wise to put this card into your backline so it can attack his victims with a safety net!

With higher levels this card becomes insane! It can get up to 5 attack and 4 speed. Combined with Kelya, this card will be unstoppable as it also gains additional armor as well as the poison Ability. This card can literally defeat a complete backline on itself when the conditions are right and this is what makes this card so unstoppable.


Battle & Strategy

Now that we talked about the main ingredients of our team, let’s talk about the strategy that was behind this team. As we will see in the example battle, the first two positions are there to absorb the opponent’s attacks. They are also helped with three extra armor from Kelya and our Wavesmith. This allows us to absorb even more attacks and allows our magic attackers to perform their damage to the opponent’s tank! Further down the line we have our Deeplurker that is just vacuuming the backline of our enemy. It will be quickly clear that our enemy’s team has no long time left as we bombard them from every possible direction. In the end we are coming out victorious and are able to secure yet another win!



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On 27th May 2022

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