Splinterlands - Share Your Battle - Scavo Firebolt Edition



For this week’s “Share Your Battle” Challenge we have the task to win and share a interesting battle which we played with Scavo Firebolt. I will begin this article by describing the star of this article and then continue to explain which cards are best suited in different circumstances. Furthermore, we will outline our strategy and look at a couple of example battles in order to provide a visual representation of our strategy!

Scavo Firebolt

Let’s begin with the main component of our build: Scavo Firebolt. It can be determined from his name that he is a Fire Splinter card. Furthermore, he is a rare card which means that he can be played by anyone. With a cost of only 4 mana he can be played in almost any situation but in order to play him we must consider a few arguments first. At basic level, without any level-ups, this card has four health and a Speed of 2. Not only that but it also has a relatively good amount of ranged attack which is two. In general Range attackers are not the best ones to use in the Fire Splinter, unless you have the summoner Yodin Zaku which is probably one of the most powerful and expensive cards out there.

Nevertheless, there are some good use-cases to utilize this card! If you want to diversify your attacking style and not being too vulnerable to counters to a specific attack type this card is perfect. We will see later in the example battles, that we like to diversify our attack types in order to be more flexible. Looking at the higher levels of this card, it gets only stronger. Already at level 4 this card has 3 attack combined with 3 speed as well as 5 health which makes him a very reasonable attacker for just 4 mana. In his final form this card gains another point in each category, making him have 4 attacking points, 4 speed and 6 health. It also gets the Knock-out Ability which allows this card to deal double-damage to cards that are stunned!


Forgotten One

Next in line we need a good tank, like every team does! My personal favorite is the Forgotten One! I know that many people are favoring Living Lava, because of its Shield ability but I really like the Forgotten One, especially in match ups where there is a Poison condition. Because of its Immunity ability, this card can not get poisoned and has straight up an advantage against all the other cards. In the lower leagues this card is an absolute beast on level one. It brings 4 melee attack, 4 armor as well as 8 health, making this card fairly indestructible!

But it gets better with higher level. Already at level 3 this card gets the Retaliate Ability which allows this card to hit back once being hit by another melee attacker. Not only that but its health and armor are getting higher with each level. In its final form this card has amazing 6 melee attack 5 armor and 10 health which should be more than enough to withstand a lot of attacks. Furthermore, it will most likely get buffed by Tarsa which grants him another health point and attacking point. As a cherry on the cake, the Piercing ability helps this card to deal more damage even though the opponent would have armor.


Radiated Brute

Because the Frie Splinter is very Melee Heavy, we need cards that can also attack from positions behind the tank position. This can be done with cards that have the Reach Ability. One of those cards and one of my current favorites is the Radiated Brute. In the beginning I was not a big fan of this card as it just looked to slow. But with higher levels this card becomes a literal beast! At level 5 this card already has 3 speed 3 melee attack and a whopping 6 health which makes it the perfect second position card! It can deal damage while the tank is doing its job but when the tank falls you have a tank 2.0 to take over! In its final stages this card even gets a little bit stronger. With 4 melee attack, 4 speed and 6 health this card is a real damage dealer in second position.


Tenyii Striker & Uraeus

Moving further down the squad we can not forget the backline of the opponent. And there is no better way of destroying it than with a Sneak attacker! In my opinion there are two very useful and powerful sneak attacker in this game that can be used for the Fire Splinter. These are Tenyii Striker and Uraeus! Both of these cards have the Sneak Ability and combined these two cards are able to demolish every opponent.

Tenyii is at level one already a beast of a card. With 2 attack and 6 health this card can be a equally good tank. The higher the level gets the faster, and stronger this card becomes. In the final stages this card even gets the Backfire Ability which makes him attack a card that missed him. This is an especially strong combo if you are able to increase his speed further and with his doge ability this build can become very feasible!

On the other hand we have Uraeus. This card is a neutral card which makes it possible to play in every potential build. With only 3 mana this card can also be played in almost every situation which makes it a real allrounder. For this low price the stats of this card are very good! With one armor this card is basically resistant to one shot hits. That means that if everything goes to plan this card can at least attack once. At level two its attack increases two 2 which already means a very good amount of damage. In its final stages this card can even get the Poison Ability which helps to deal more damage trough the course of a battle.



Djinn Apprentice

In order to bring diversity in our attacking styles, I like to use a Magic attacker in the form of Djinn Apprentice. This card is very strong in my opinion as it comes with 2 mana damage for just 5 mana on its basic level! Yes this card brings no special abilities in the beginning but it does not have to! With 4 health points this card is also fairly resistant and can not get sniped immediately which makes is a very good magic attacker for this Splinter! With higher levels, its attack and most and foremost speed increases to give it 4 magic attack and 4 speed in its final form. With the Ability Deathblow this card can also deal double the damage when there is only one monster left on the opponents side which can be helpful to finish your opponent off!


Lava Launcher

Last but not least we have Lava Launcher. I really enjoy playing this card as it brings another angle to our attacking strategy. With 3 ranged attacking point this card deals serious damage and with 6 armor and 5 health at level one it looks like a very good tank to put in the first position. This is where its Ability comes in: Close range. It allows the card to attack from the first position even though it is a ranged attacker! In its final form this card increases its attacking points to 5 which is very insane if you ask me!


Example Battle & Strategy

With the cards out of the way, let’s take a look at our strategy. Like mentioned many times before, we do not want to focus to heavily on one attacking style in order to prevent a possible counter vulnerability. This means that we try to distribute our attacking styles more or less equally. But because the Fire Splinter still favors Melee attacker we still choose a good portion of attacker being Melee. In both cases we try to focus our attacks on the tank of our opponent while still making sure that we damage the backline as well, with our Sneak Attacker. Ultimately, this strategy will bring us the victory!



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On 21st May 2022

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