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Life has been so hectic lately so I hope I am not too late for this week's challenge.

Card prices are in a constant low now and what a great time to go shopping! I remember buying a TORHILO THE FROZEN around September and the lowest was around $39, right now one would cost as low as $11, that's a 60% deflation. Chaos Legion, I feel is like a blessing in disguise.

Anyways, last week's challenge was a fire splinter in the form of the GIANT ROC and this week is from the water deck, it's the gentle SPINEBACK TURTLE.

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Like the Giant Roc, this is a card that I rarely use. I think the only instances where I use this card is when the ruleset LITTLE LEAGUE, it's a rule where the only cards allowed in battle are those with 4 mana and below, is in effect.

I was randomly using this card to see if I can win a battle, I even rented a gold foil version just for this specific battle challenge, so yes, I am committed to this!

Luckily, after the third time I used this card, I was able to win one battle.

Just click on the link below if you want to watch it.

Spineback Turtle Battle Challenge

spineback turtle battle start.jpg

Unlike my other battle challenges, this was a very short and simple one. I honestly wasn't expecting to win from this battle and was honestly surprised that this strategy worked!

All righty, for the ruleset of this battle, we have:

ruleset turtle battle.jpg

  1. HEALED OUT: This is a rule where you can skip using monsters and summoners with Affliction because it removes all healing abilities from them.

In addition, 13 mana is the only mana required for this battle, so that is another win for me, this is my first battle challenge to not require 40+ mana and I am super proud for that!

And then, only four splinter decks are allowed in this battle, monsters from fire, water, life and death.

My opponent's name was super sketchy, I think this is a bot account. I ain't complaining though.

I decided to use water summoner, KELYA FRENDUL for her +1 speed and +1 armor, since the SPINEBACK TURTLE only has 1 speed, I want it to have a fighting chance.

Kelya Frendul.jpg

I then placed WAVE RUNNER on the second place because of its REACH ability. This is an ability wherein a melee monster can attack from the second position.

Wave Runner.png

TORRENT FIEND and my ever beloved FURIOUS CHICKEN were placed at the end to serve as meat shields.

Torrent Fiend.jpg

Furious Chicken.png

SPINEBACK TURTLE served as my tank because even though it doesn't have any special ability it has 6 hit points and 2 armor, three if you add Kelya's buff. It's a gold foil so I can earn more from this battle.

Spineback Turtle_gold.png

And for the battle, this was a pretty short one since it is a low mana battle, both of us have few options.

turtle round 1.jpg

The first round started with TIME MAGE attacking my Turtle, since she is a magic monster, she directly attacked my Turtle's HP. My WAVE RUNNER attacked my enemy's GARGOYA SCRAPPER leaving it with only 1 HP.

CELESTIAL HARPY then attacked one of my meat shields which was Torrent Fiend, since it has 1 armor from Kelya, it survived. His tank then attacked my Turtle decreasing its armor. My turtle then retaliated causing his tank to go down.

STITCH LEECH attacked last and since it has Sneak, it attacked my Chicken's armor.

turtle round 2.jpg

Right after the first round ended, Time Mage immediately attacked my Turtle again, leaving it with 4 HP. Wave Runner then attacked Harpy but because it has the Flying ability, it missed. Harpy then continued attacking my Turtle leaving it with only 1 armor.

Leech attacked Chicken which caused it to go down. Since my Turtle only has 1 speed, it attacked last for this round and was able to hit Harpy with 1 melee attack.

turtle round 3.jpg

Time Mage wasted no time attacking my Turtle with 1 magic damage but it is resilient! Wave Runner finished off Harpy with its 2 melee attack. Leech attacked Torrent Fiend one last time and it was gone. My tank then attacked Time Mage leaving it with 3 hit points.

turtle round 4.jpg

Time Mage went in for the kill but was only able to leave a dent to my Turtle. Wave Runner attacked next and was able to leave Time Mage with just 1 HP. My Turtle then put Time Mage down causing Kelya's +1 speed to take effect. Leech attacked my tank but since it still has 1 armor, it's HP wasn't affected.

turtle round 5.jpg

Since my Wave Runner already has 4 speed, it was able to attack Leech and leave it with 2 HP, my tank also has the +1 speed buff and attacked Leech immediately but since it still has 1 HP, it was able to attack my tank causing it to go down.

turtle last round.jpg

My Wave Runner retaliated, killing off my enemy's last card.

kelya winning face.jpg

Look at Kelya being angry for no reason.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, I only think of using the SPINEBACK TURTLE when the ruleset is you have to use monsters with 4 mana and below and in a way, it worked well in this battle since we only get to use 13 mana.

This turtle is tanky enough to withstand 1 hit attacks and with the right summoner, it can definitely survive until the last round.

My strategy for this battle worked since my opponent used two monsters with the ability to attack my back line and I was able to put two meat shields at the end.

Unlike my last post where the Giant Roc did not attack once, Spineback Turtle was maximized in this battle. So yes, I will suggest you use this monster for battles with low mana use and if the Little League ruleset is in effect.

All righty! That's it for my Spineback Turtle Challenge! See you next challenge!

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