Talking a Little Bit About Guilds

After an exhausting week with plenty of life-related events, I finally have a chance to write a full post of my own. I have lost almost all sense of consistency regarding my own posts.

Partly, I have Splinterlands "to blame" for this, because that started as I began to focus more on the game and all adiciant elements (like renting). But I guess there are always tradeoffs.

But I digress. Let's talk a bit about guilds.

Joining a Guild. How Difficult Is It?

Anyone who plays ranked battles regularly must have noticed a lot of opponents without a guild. Enough of them are quite serious opponents with a good or very good understanding of the gameplay, even though new because I don't recognize the player names from the period pre-explosion growth.

I'm not sure how many active players we are currently at (last info is "already" a few days old and states "well over 300K"), but I checked how many guilds there are currently: over 1000 (don't know the exact number, I guessestimated it from the guilds ranking, where there can be more than one guild for one rank).

So, if we say 300K players and 1000 guilds, that would make 300 players per each existing guild.

Knowing a guild with a fully upgraded Hall takes 30 members, that would be a 10 to 1 competition for a guild spot, if all guilds are fully upgraded, which they are obviously not.

If we count out the 'dead' guilds (the ones which have 'request only' or 'invite only' and nobody active to manage them), the numbers are even worse.

So, there is a huge demand for new guilds.

Sure, the high price of DEC as well as SPS airdrop for holding it are disincentives for creating new guilds.

Benefits of Being in a Guild. Time to Create New Guilds?

Maybe new members should also find ways to create guilds for themselves. Through cooperative contribution usually, the costs are not as high. And even a guild that starts from level 1 is better than being without a guild, because it's a way to access a new stream of income and benefits.

Apart from the benefit of being in a team (although some are lone wolves I suppose), here are the quantifiable benefits one receives from being in a guild:

  • DEC bonus per ranked battles (from 1% to 20%, depending on the level of the Quest Lodge and maxxed at the level of the Guild Hall)
  • shop discounts (from none to 10%, based on the same conditions as above)
  • Guild-specific buildings, gameplay and benefits (Brawls)
  • SPS for Brawl fights, when it will be added
  • boss fights will come at some point

Gladiators: Special Brawl-Specific Cards

Gladiators in Splinterlands Guild Brawls

One interesting set of cards specifically for guild brawls are the gladius cases, which contain gladiator cards. Gladiators are soul-bounded, which means you can't trade or rent them. And you can only use one gladiator per brawl battle.

For the previous brawl fights, I bought a gladius case. And I used the gladiator wherever I could, to see how they perform.

All gladiators share one cool ability: bloodlast. This powerful ability increases ALL the stats of the gladiator, after it kills another monster. Bloodlust is also the ability we will only see at gladiators, and not on regular cards.

In a way it shares similar traites with both scavanger and enrange abilities for regular monsters, but they are all slightly different.

While scavanger is completely passive, and any monster killed on the field adds +1 to the life of the monster having this ability, enrage is a defensive ability which activates when the monster with this ability gets hit and loses life (not if it loses armor), and enrange adds to the melee attack and speed of the monster (the latter is a disadvantage in the Reversed Order ruleset).

Blodlust is an offensive ability. The more monsters the gladiator kills, the more powerful it becomes. But the boost the gladiator receives is better than monsters with enrage + scavanger combined, because all stats are increased (attack power, life, armor and speed - speed is decreased in Reversed Order ruleset).

But it might not be as easy for the gladiator to kill an opponent to receive the boost. For example, if another monster in your team kills it, bloodlust doesn't work. Neither if it dies from a spell or earthquake.

But if the gladiator is lucky (and protected well enough) to not die when it's weak and it kills, let's say, 2 monsters, it becomes almost unstoppable.

Ending Words

Guilds and their Brawls give the game a new dimension, different from ranked battles. While I haven't caught the bug of tournaments, Brawls are getting me as involved as ranked play. Tick tock for land expansion... :)


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Thanks for writing this. This is the first article I've seen written on what Guilds actually do. Granted, I haven't spent a ton of time looking into them, but I have done some and haven't seen much.

I'm definitely contemplating starting a guild of my own. Maybe making it a @leomarkettalk fact I think I'll comment on that.

I play enough that it's probably worth it.

Sure, the high price of DEC as well as SPS airdrop for holding it are disincentives for creating new guilds.

What do you mean by this? I get that it's 10,000 DEC to form one but is there an SPS price as well? Or are you just talking about the fact that if you spend 10k DEC to form a guild you are not able to hold that DEC so you lose the SPS airdrop points you could have been getting?

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Starting a guild for leomarkettalk seems like a good idea. I'm sure there are enough regular commenters there which also play the game, and some may not be part of a guild.

No, there's no SPS cost associated with creating a guild. As you believed, yes, it is about the SPS airdrop. Because holding DEC (liquid or in a supported liquidity pool) gives airdrop points which boosts (somewhat) your daily airdrop.