My Re-introduction Post


Greetings Hivians!

After about a week of diving into the Hive community, I can say that I am officially addicted.

Alas, it has just dawned on me that I have still not completed the "Introduce yourself" part of the @hivebuzz Tour! Not for lack of trying I will add, but honestly even if I had gotten the green checks, I would be embarrassed of my previous "attempts" which completely missed the point of doing it.

That being said, please accept this re-introduction of myself!

First and foremost, I hate talking about myself :) I don't mind answering questions, but just trying to provide details about myself is not my cup of tea.


  • Been interested in blockchain and tokenization for years, but only dabbled a bit with cryptocurrency investments.
  • Came across @Splinterlands a couple of months ago and have been playing ever since. This is what ultimately led to my involvement with Hive.
  • Since joining the Hive community, I have attempted to learn as much as I can about the basic mechanics and terminology used. For anyone interested, I wrote a piece on my blog titled, "Tips for New Hive Users from a New Hive User", which can be found here.
  • So far, the community has been incredibly welcoming and eager to assist with answering any questions. @ocd and @hivebuzz have been awesome!

Overall, I am still trying to figure out how best to contribute to the community, but that will come in time.

In summation, I am beyond thrilled to have found Hive and am eager to earn a spot as a full-fledged member of the community.

Thanks for reading!


My Game Referral Links

If you're not already, check out the games below!

Splinterlands - Incredibly popular card based game. This is what actually got me started and how I found Hive.

Rising Star - Fun game that allows you to grow from a lowly street musician (busker) into a superstar.

Cryptobrewmaster - Brew beer and earn crypto. Enough said!

dCity - Basically crypto Sim City

eXode - In it's early alpha. I do not have the words to do it justice, so I will use their tagline. "Explore. Colonize. Earn Real Money."


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