Daily Report (September 21, 2021) - Day 33 with Splinterlands and Hive blockchain!


Hello Splinterlands and HIVE Community!

Today i really played a lot, and i was hopping that i will manage to reach Silver 1. I start the day in Silver 3 and despite the fact that i played a lot i manage to reach just Silver 2. It is ok in a way as i am still on my track to reach gold by the end of the season...
For today i had the Sneak Quest... It was a really easy one to do but i did not claim the rewards right after i did my daily quest with the hope that i will rank higher in the leagues...


From my point of view the game starts to be harder and harder, but slowly i am very confident i will achieve all my goals.

Now back to the Daily Quest:


Finally a card and this time an epic one... pretty Dope! It is a card that i did not own so far in my collection and as mention in my previous posts the potions will help me a lot when the new packs will be released and i don't have to spend additional money... So today was a real success regarding the rewards!
I hope from now on all days will be the same.... we will see...

Today i received another share of the SPS airdrop and i did stake it.

Well i think that's all from my side...

Stay well and stay healthy and see you all on the Splinterlands battlefield!