[Part 13] - The journey through Splinterlands: AMA Summary 14th May 2021


I'm never able to catch the AMA that occurs every Friday by the Splinterlands team and therefore have to watch the recorded session later on. I was wondering why there isn't a blog post summarizing all the information that is given, because I don't like to watch a one hour long recording and rather read quickly through the parts that interest me.
Since there is no summary of the AMA, I decided to do it myself. Let me know if this is helpful, if I missed anything or if the information I put here is inaccurate. All the feedback is welcome.


General Information

Some stats:

  • On average 320 sign-ups per day
  • On average 52 Spellbooks bought per day
  • 87000 total accounts
  • 25000 total Spellbook purchases

The Big Announcement

  • Will happen at the end of May
  • Will have some promos with it
  • Will increase the daily earnings/rewards

Land Update

  • Castles and Keeps will be usable as storage or trading hubs
  • Castles and Keeps are upgradable and yield more benefits if done so
  • Owners of Castles and Keeps might earn taxes or services for other players who use their buildings to trade or store
  • Land Claim with an NFT will happen in June (maybe a little bit later)
  • Decision on how many resources can be produced (production, totems, in general) will happen later on
  • Summoners and Monster will be on land to create resources. Totems will be a bonus as well as gold/alpha cards
  • Lots of things (world, market, game overall) are going to change once this comes live
  • The chance to get plots from mystery potions will soon stop (approximately in a couple of weeks - will be announced)

Managing the Land

  • Possibility of automation
  • Initially takes some time and only update/upgrade when necessary
  • Possibility to micromanage will be there as well (for slightly better rewards)
  • Possibility of renting out land will be there as well

Brawl Update

  • Items for Brawls will be for sale in the guild shop
  • Individual Boards for Brawl participants
  • Players can earn Merits
  • Crowns will benefit the whole guild
  • Merits will benefit individual players within the Brawls
  • Merits are non-transferable and can only be used to buy things in the guild shop
  • Gladiator Packs can be bought in the guild shop (contain gladiator cards with new abilities - only usable in Brawls)
  • Gladiator cards will have new (pretty overpowered) abilities
  • There might be potions for the guild shop (not decided yet)
  • Only one Gladiator card per team will be allowed
  • Tactics (e.g. Banishing a card) will apply to all editions
  • Gladiators are permanent, upgradable and burnable (but can't be traded or sold)
  • Release of these changes will be end of Q2 or Q3 at the latest

Being more Beginner friendly

  • Buying the Spellbook will give some insights on blockchain
  • Better on-boarding with more information for completely new player (with no experience in crypto so far)

Question - Answer

Q: Has the initial activity on wax died down?
A: Yes, but there are still sales of cards on wax. And more importantly a lot of players are continuously signing up with their wax address, which increases the Playerbase.

Q: Can I create content with Splinterlands artwork?
A: Yes for promotional purposes. No if you will profit from it. Will be decided on a case-by-case basis. In general a written permission is required and people mustn't think that the artwork is playable in game, which would result in a bad experience for players.

Q: Is the Dragon Splinter used more often in Battle?
A: No, it is used slightly less. It gets randomly chosen how many Splinters will be active and then it gets randomly chosen which ones are active. If the amount of active Splinters is 1 and the chosen one is Dragon, then another Splinter will be chosen as well.

Let me know if you like this summary or what I can improve upon. I hope I got the most important information, but let me also know if I missed something.

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