[Part 15] - The journey through Splinterlands: Untamed Legendary Summoners Tier List


With the end of the Untamed Edition slowly approaching, I obtained all the Untamed Legendary Summoners. Since I could now try out all of them first hand, I decided to make a Tier List based on my experience.
Before this posts gets ripped to shreds, because I someone higher or lower rated than I am disagrees: This is my personal opinion. I play with mostly BCX1 cards and got up to Diamond II last season. So that should give you some sort of idea how the Tier List comes together.

Summary First - Explanation Later

Top Tier:
  • Yodin Zaku
  • Scarred Llama Mage
  • Byzantine Kitty
Average Tier:
  • Camila Sungazer
Niche Tier:
  • Mimosa Nightshade
  • Lir Deepswimmer
  • Chanseus The Great

1) Yodin Zaku

Yodin Zaku is probably the strongest Summoner in the Untamed Edition. His ability to dominate high Mana battles with Ranged Snipe Monsters is just insane. Put a nice tank in front and let your Backline shred through your opponents team with the Blast ability. The +1 on health is a nice addition, but the strength definitely lies in the +1 Ranged and giving every Monster the Blast.
Cards like Ferexia General, Mantaoid, Fire Beetle and Centaur are perfect in combination with Yodin Zaku. Their Snipe ability will hit your opponents Backline Monsters, as well as their adjacent ones and by that multiplying their damage output immensely.
If you put a nice tank in front (e.g. Magnor, Chain Golem or something similar) you will destroy your opponents team, before it can touch your own Backline.
The Rulesets can reduce the success rate of Yodin Zaku drastically (e.g. Fog of War), but that is something you need to look out for in every battle.

2) Scarred Llama Mage

The Scarred Llama Mage is what I would call a life insurance Summoner. With certain Mana caps, the Llama will just straight up win you the game (or at least put up a hell of a fight) and you don't even have to think too much about it.

13 Mana: Scarred Llama Mage + Flesh Golem
17 Mana: Scarred Llama Mage + Kron The Undying

Don't even bother adding the Furious Chicken in the mix. Last Stand from Llama and the heal from either Flesh Golem or Kron the Undying, will make it nearly impossible for your opponent to kill your Monster (at least in lower leagues). The Cleanse ability will also ensure that you can keep healing up every turn or don't take damage from Poison. If the Mana is not perfectly placed at 13 or 17, you can still go with the Llama, if you manage to setup your team in a way that your Last Stand Monster is a power house such aus Kron.

3) Byzantine Kitty

Next one the list: Byzantine Kitty. Very versatile, because it's a Dragon Summoner, but works best with a strong tank in front (e.g. The Kraken, Malnor or a high level Gelatinous Cube). The Tank Heal will keep your front line Monster alive for longer than your opponents would ever imagine and the increased Speed will decimate their Team before they can strike back.
One more reason to play the Kitty is the fact that low Speed Monsters are still going to hit. Got that BCX 1 Sand Worm for whatever reason? Use it and smash the last Monster in your opponents team with a guaranteed 5 Damage per round. Even Dodge and Flying Monsters will stand no Chance against the True Strike the Byzantine Kitty provides.
It's a bit tougher to choose a nice setup with this Summoner, because there are so many options to choose from. But once you tried out a couple, you will see your success rate increasing by a lot.

4) Camila Sungazer

I put Camila Sungazer in the Average Tier category, because it's the only legendary Summoner in the Untamed version that only needs 3 Mana. In addition to that, she is a Dragon Summoner, which makes her exceptionally versatile. The other low Mana Dragon Summoners are Prince Julian (extremely rare, I think I played against him once), Selenia Sky (not as rare, but definitely too expensive to be played a lot in lower leagues) and Kretch Tallevor (has no buffs/debuffs and costs the same amount of Mana).
So in low Mana battles, especially the ones with Melee Only Ruleset, Camila Sungazer can be a very nice asset. Even more so if you have some nice Dragon Monsters that you can use with her. In high Mana battles she is less useful, because the higher Mana Dragon Summoners just provide more worth than a mere -1 Melee, but that doesn't mean I haven't seen her in 30+ Mana battles. It's definitely harder to utilize her correctly than the Top Tier Summoners, but nevertheless a great addition to any collection.

5) Mimosa Nightshade

We now enter the Niche Tier. The remaining three Summoners are strong in certain Rulesets with or against certain Monsters, which is why they are at the bottom of the tier list. The most useful is Mimosa Nightshade. Death has always been a debuff machine and Mimosa fits this style perfectly. If you think your opponent is going to pick some healer to sustain through your damage, throw a Mimosa in his face.
No more Heal and less damage from Backline Monsters, because the -1 Ranged and Void. Suddenly you can out sustain your opponent. He does less damage and can't heal, while you take less damage and can cut through his team. But always make sure that the Monsters you pick do enough damage. It happened a couple of times already, that I was so focused on debuffing my opponents Team, that I completely forgot to put Monsters with damage on the field and eventually lost because of the lacking damage.

6) Lir Deepswimmer

Water is usually associated with Magic Monsters. You overwhelm your opponent by ignoring his armor and straight up slaughter his Monsters. But in anti-magic Rulesets like Lost Magic or Weak Magic that won't work that well. Incoming Lir Deepswimmer. He excels in these Rulesets. Additional Armor, Blind for your opponents Monsters and Return Fire for your own. Ranged Monsters will have a very (very very) hard time cutting though your defenses. They'll miss a lot because of the Blind and if Ranged Monsters hit you they take return damage. You're Monster can also take a couple more hits because of the additional +2 Armor. While your opponent is struggling to hit your Monster you can decimate his forces with some nice non-magic Monsters like The Axemaster. Tank in front, some of the strong Water ranged Monsters in the back and just run over any opponent that laughed because you chose Water in a non-magic Ruleset.

7) Chanseus The Great

Last in this Tier List, but definitely not the worst Summoner in the game: Chanseus The Great. He might be listed higher in Diamond and Champion, because Repair, Triage and Resurrect have more impact there, but in Gold and below he is very hard to play around. Life already has a lot of nice buff cards, that can Repair, Heal and even Resurrect, which makes Chanseus a bit expensive for the utility he provides. As well as with Lir, Chanseus excels in Rulesets where Magic is non-present or weakened. Repair and Triage will make it exceptionally hard to kill any of your Monsters and with Resurrect they get revived even if one of them manages to die. Just remember when picking Chanseus: Don't pick Furious Chicken to absorb the first blow! It happened more than once, that I did that and revived my Chicken only for it to be slaughtered and eaten immediately. But if you manage to revive someone with Heal/Armor/Divine Shield you can get some nice value.

Do you agree with this list? Did you make different experiences? Let me know in the comments how you would rate the Untamed Legendary Summoners and also in which leagues you play.
Also let me know if you enjoyed this Tier List and want to see another one.

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