RE: Earning 268% APR from Splinterlands - without owning a single card.

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Dec in the DEC/BUSD pool could suffer some serious impermanent loss if the price of DEC jumps.

This is exactly what happened to me as I was in the pool before SPS was announced and didn't know enough about liquidity pools to get out when the price started to rise.

The dollar value in the pool has gone up but probably not enough to counteract the benefits of having that DEC produce SPS.

But hey ho. You win some, you lose some. Splinterlands has been very, very good to me.

I hope the pain of your sell off continues to reduce day by day. I'm glad that you had those champion points to start you off again. Hopefully, when you've built your deck again and HODL'D for deal life, your summer of 2021 memory will be a distant irrelavent memory. 😁

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