RE: Why I might not Stake all my SPS on the First Day of the Pre-Sale

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Yeah I stayed away from those USD:DEC pools because people just want easy DEC

At the time I went into it I wasn't really bothered whether I ended up with more DEC or BUSD since SPS wasn't a thing then. CUB was also doing a lot better than it is now. But then DEC sky rocketed and I lost thousands. So much for the relative safety of being pooled with a stable coin. 😂

Then I totally lost confidence in my managing the whole liquidity pool thing and so left it there. I probably should have switched to the SPS:DEC one ages ago but c'est la vie.

The APR is rubbish too. I'm probably the only person still in it. 😂

So I am doing it my way now and shutting off the FOMO.

Same for me except my way is just to keep plodding on. 😂

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