Abilities of the New Chaos Legion Summoners


In the past few weeks, during the weekly AMA, a lot of new cards from the Chaos Legion edition have been revealed. Apart from a few cards like Dr. Blight, Shadow Snitch and Acid Shooter, we don't know the stats or abilities of the rest of them.

That's why I thought it would be fun to speculate and try to guess what will their stats be. However, since it'd be a huge ordeal to try to do it for every monster, I decided to pick the ones I think are the most fun: the summoners.

So, in this post I'll give you my thoughts on the 6 new summoners that have been revealed.

  • Disclaimer: the names of the summoners may have a different spelling. This is the way I thought they were named, as I heard them in the AMA.

And without further ado, let's begin.

Fire Summoner: TARSA

The summoner is this pyromaniac psycho girl who is super powerful, and when the invaders came in she decided "you guys are my people"

She may look cute, but she's the type of girl who walks into a village and the next thing you know, she's burned everyone to the ground.

--- Nate Aguila


Looking at the art, and the description during the AMA, she seems a force to be reckoned with. Because of her glowing hands, she seems to enjoy using fire magic, so a +1 Magic summoner would be fitting. However I think in this new Chaos Legion set, the summoners will offer abilities to the monsters, not changes in their stats, following the trend of the Dice set.

For this reason, I think there'll be a new ability that will increase every monsters magic, similar to Inspire.

It'd be interesting to see a magic oriented fire team, since right now there's not a lot of magic monsters, and thanks to Malric and Yodin, people tend to focus on melee or ranged.

Water Summoner: KELIA

She's the leader of the Wave Breakers, which is a mercenary group that has been contracted by the Chaos Legion to help with the invasion.

--- Nate Aguila


The leader of a mercenary group, whit that armor and that incredible power and strength that she exudes? She has to be a melee oriented summoner, which is why I'll give her the Inspire ability.

This is a great contrast to the Fire deck: Malric Inferno had a +1 Melee, while Alric Stormbringer had +1 Magic, and if my predictions are correct, their roles will be reversed. So it'll be interesting to see how the meta changes with this.

Earth Summoner: OBSYDIAN

Originally, most Earth factions use magic to grow things, trees, plants. And they use it to heal. However, Obsydian takes Earth Magic and twists it.

"What's the most effective way to kill the most amount of people?"

--- Nate Aguila


First off, I really love her art and even though I don't use Earth that much, I want to main that deck just to play with her.

Now, she gave me trouble when trying to think about her abilities or buffs. With her art, she looks like a magic oriented one, with her staff, and at first I thought that she would give armor to protect her team, however her description says otherwise.

She is a full on attacker, and she wants to defeat the enemy team as quickly as possible. What other way to do that than with Trample? With this ability, if a monster kills its target, it'll perform another attack.


In the past, if you needed protection, Life summoners would come to your aid and help you out. Unfortunately, this summoner is from the Chaos Legion, and she's not quite as friendly.

--- Nate Aguila

sloane enrage.png

This summoner is scary! I wouldn't want to battle her in the least, and she's not at all what I would have expected from a Life summoner. However, I think she'll be very fun to play with.

Now, as for her ability, I'm not quite sure, since she appears to wield magic, similar to Tarsa, however I doubt that there would be 2 Magic focused summoners in the same set.

So, I decided to focus on her expression and description, and thought that Enraged would be a fitting ability for a non friendly summoner, increasing Melee and Speed of their monsters when damaged.

Death Summoner: THADDEUS BROOD


Even though we don't have a lot of information about this summoner, from his art, this little guy looks like a shaman or wizard of some sort, ready to curse the enemy team. And what does that curse do? It Weakens them, reducing 1 health from each enemy monster.

Dragon Summoner: QUIXX THE DEVIOUS

This guy has been obsessed with Dragon magic. He's found his own way to defy gravity

--- Nate Aguila


This little mischievous guy seems like a lot of fun to play with. I just know that he'll bring trouble to the enemy team, with unpredictability. That's why I think he'll give every monster the new ability Scattershot, which makes it so that a monster attacks a random target each turn.

If he does have this ability his fights will be so random that he could be a great advantage or, if luck isn't on your side, quite a burden. But either way, he'll make every battle fun and exciting.

Final Thoughts

It was really fun trying to come up with all of this new abilities and you know what? Maybe I'm completely wrong with this predictions, but I wouldn't be mad at all.

I do have to say that I'm not sure with the Earth and Life summoners, since maybe their abilities would be too powerful compared to the rest, but hey, balancing is not my strength.

And what about you? What are your thoughts on this new Chaos Legion summoners? Tell me in the comments and maybe we can start a discussion! I would love to hear other opinions.

The images in this post were made thanks to Splinterlands Card Maker (made by @dark-hamburger), and my, not so good, image editing skills.

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I'm glad you liked it! I'll have to wait and see if my predictions are right